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Partner Up workshop Logo depicting a horse and human head touching at the forehead with the words Trust, Honesty, Acceptance and Willingness inside a magical crystal ball

Partner Up Program – Unlock Your Potential

Are you ready to Unlock your Potential? Sign Up for the next Partner Up Program! Over the past year I have been asked many questions regarding the Partner Up Program. This blog represents Question #1. Question 1 #: Who am I and why would you want to learn from me?

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Mona's Testimonials a picture with a brown frame and a herd of excited running horses

Testimonials: Mona’s # 1 Favourite Products

Products I use everyday and worthy of my Testimonials In my journey through life I have always been amazed at the myriad of products and testimonials available. Some worthy, some not. For me to give a testimonial on a product, it does not come easy. My integrity is super high,

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Biosa Inc. products picture showing Equina Biosa in a 3 quart bib, Terra Biosa, Vita Biosa in 500 ml sizes

Introducing The BIOSA Product Line-Up!

Vita Biosa, Equina Biosa and Terra Biosa the only triple fermented probiotic created for you, your horse, pets/livestock and your garden. Scroll through the Biosa product line up below to find helpful information on these amazing products. I have provided many great reasons why this line of products is worthy

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Partner Up workshop Logo depicting a horse and human head touching at the forehead with the words Trust, Honesty, Acceptance and Willingness inside a magical crystal ball

Separation Anxiety is a Normal Horse Behaviour

Herd bound, Barn Sour, Separation Anxiety Herd bound, barn sour, and separation anxiety are topics that seem to crop up often and there are many different strategies to help the horse. These behaviours are seen mostly in a negative light because it creates discomfort for the rider or owner.  Evolution

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young plant in soil with nature background

Why Bacteria… My Journey with Amazing Bacteria

Many moons ago my life was introduced to the amazing powerhouses of bacteria. It all started when I was providing maintenance for several Forestry campgrounds on Vancouver Island. The pit toilets always smelled to high heaven and were piled high with excrement. Half the time the pumper truck could not

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picture of a red leghorn chicken

Vita Biosa and My Amazing Chicken Story

Vita Biosa gives amazing results: Less mortality, increase in lean muscle mass, less fat, and great food conversion. My chicken story relates how raising meat birds and discovering vita biosa are two experiences that when combined the sheer magnitude of what happened turned my belief system upside down and became

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Equina Biosa and a picture of my horse Gemini who is a big bay quarter horse

Equina Biosa – A Miracle in a Bottle

Equina Biosa Gave My Horse Story a Happy Ending Equina Biosa is the reason my horse is still alive. December 2, 2014 he severed his medial digital artery. At that time, I did not have a phone, nor a way to get him to the vet. The closest vet was

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picture showing a 500 ml and 1000 ml glass bottle of Vita Biosa Triple Fermented Probiotic Drink

Vita Biosa – Probiotic: Fact or Fiction?

Is Vita Biosa probiotic the answer? We hear probiotic this and probiotic that, how do we really know truth from fiction? What makes a good probiotic? More importantly do you really need them? I believe the answer is a big yes. All the experiments I have done over the years

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For body and spirit

If you want to feel better and enhance the quality of your life, we can help. Our Biosa, Innotech Nutrition and Vollara products will boost your physical health and improve your state of mind.