Vita Biosa – Probiotic: Fact or Fiction?

picture showing a 500 ml and 1000 ml glass bottle of Vita Biosa Triple Fermented Probiotic Drink

Is Vita Biosa probiotic the answer?

We hear probiotic this and probiotic that, how do we really know truth from fiction? What makes a good probiotic? More importantly do you really need them?

I believe the answer is a big yes. All the experiments I have done over the years has shown me how amazing these powerhouses are. I have used beneficial bacteria for all sorts of applications from treating the smell in front load washing machines to cattle slurries to RV holding tanks to aquariums. I am always amazed. It saddens me that these miracles of life and immunity do not get the recognition they deserve. My hope is that after reading my stories/experiments your curiosity will be peaked enough for you to go out and grab a bottle of biosa and start your own experiments so you can prove it to yourself. Happy experimenting!

To gather the information needed to answer all the above questions I have provided a slide show by Niels Wandler of Biosa Inc.

You may also enjoy reading my chicken story and the why bacteria background for my introduction into the amazing world of beneficial bacteria.

I also have a page dedicated to proven scientific articles to sort the fact from fiction. Please click HERE. to view.

Probiotic - Fact or Fiction? Slide showGause Law Saying that two species competing for the same limiting resource cannot coexist at constant population values. When one species has even the slightest advantage over another, the one with the advantage will dominate in the long term. This leads either to the extinction of this competitor or to an evolutionary or behavioral shift toward a different ecological niche.Once residential bacteria are gone they will not return to reside. What influences this negative development? Not just antibiotic treatments, stress, disinfectants, preservatives, smoke and many other environmental pollution factors can impact your microbiome negativelyWe get our residential bacteria from the birth canal, breast milk,, from age 0 to 4 our digestive system is colonized and from the probiotic foods we eat.,Contrary to Vita Biosa10+ with its acid-adjusted Probiotics , tablet and capsule are polymers intended to protect its beneficial ingredients against premature eradication by the hostile stomach environment prior to entering the small intestine. Because of formats these do not contribute benefits in the ORAL CAVITY. Moisture and weak acidity triggers a premature break up resulting in Probiotic not arriving the small intestines. Taken with water advances the process. No beneficial effect – money lostThe 7-hour Race is on As soon as Probiotics pass your lips, the race in on.The journey to the digestive system Mouth (chewing – saliva) The eating tube (transit) Stomach (breaking up) Small intestines (absorption) Then entering the large intestines (another story)Contrarily to FDA and Supplement-Probiotics, Heath Canada does not consider Vita Biosa10+ as a Supplement but rather as a healthful food, regulated by CFIA. Probiotic Strains making Vita Biosa10+ are listed by FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) .Biosa selectsProfile e.g. strain specific personality Characteristics e.g. individual skills Compatibility e.g. social acting Safety Record e.g. public safety remarks their probiotics byProbably the most powerful probiotic on the market. A brilliant Physio-Algorithm is driving the Triple-Step Fermentation procedure of 10-Health-chorographic Probiotics collectively converts 100% organic certified ingredients like herbs and plants, Black-Strap Molasses into a digestive rich lactic acid drink with 6-billion intelligent CFU per tablespoon.Triple- Step Fermentation makes Broad-Spectrum Probiotic. Probiotic strains are temperature sensitive, and reproduce at different temperatures. For each one to reach its therapeutic potential and learn to perform coherently, they must be nurtured in accordance with their natural characteristic.Vita Biosa gives you 6-billion per 30-ml (1-tbs) acid-adjusted, chorographic CFU with below qualities pHVita Biosa is: Non-GMO Vegan Friendly Lactose Free Dairy Free Gluten Free AA-acceptable Lowest on Sugars. Vita Biosa does: Calibrate Stomach Acid Promote metabolism - food-to-energy conversion Support weight loss Curbs cravings Prevent premature Aging Improve Stamina Improve the secretion of testosterone Improve better sex life and ability of pregnancy Generally alleviating sensitivities and allergies Promote Oral Hygiene Detox organs incl. liver and kidneyA few reasons for customers to see you are:Erectile dysfunction Lowering the ability for pregnancy IBS (Irritated Bowl Syndrome) Crohn’s Gluten sensitivity Lactose Intolerance Periodontal Diseases Candida , DIS (Dysfunctional immune System) Heartburn (reflux), Diarrhea Constipation Chronic fatigue Premature Skin Aging, dry skin Acne Bacterial Infections and overgrowthWhy” this misery??? Inadequate Oral Health Incorrect Stomach Acid Even a combination of bothNeglecting Oral Health and quality of Stomach Acid - Shorten life. 1. The Mouth, the entrance to the digestive- and respiratory system. Oral Cavity and upper part of the throat are hiding spots for bacteria even disease-causing ones and virus’, just looking for an opportunity to flour2. Adequate Stomach Acid breaks down food into absorbable nutrients, proteins and eliminates dangerous and fatal pathogens. ish.Vita Biosa10+ - promotes Oral Health Gargling and swishing your Oral Cavity prior to swallowing the bacterial population embedded in Vita Biosa10+ decomposes food-particles, suppressing e.g. pathogenic growth in places the toothbrush never reach“In almost all ailment of the heart the source can be traced to infected environment of the teeth” Dr. Bass (American Heart Journal (27-pp 718-7Your Oral Cavity is hosting between 400 to 500 different organism. Roughly 13 to 15 of these are considered dangerous and by science suggested to be involved with osteoporosis to Alzheimer’s, to digestive tract cancer, kidney disease, erectile dysfunction and for women - reduced ability to become pregnant.19.Weak Stomach Acid – Mother of Auto-Immune Diseases?A weak stomach acid >3.5pH cannot perform its duties properly, namely, to break-down and sterilise food and mouth saliva prior to entering the absorption areas - small intestine and colon, Adequate stomach acid quality is the dominator for good health. The Lactic Acid in Vita Biosa10+ quickly helps to re-calibrate stomach acid and its functionality.FAQ: How quickly does it work? Initial signs?   After about a week: More energy Improved wellbeing Reduced stress level and irritation Restful sleep Less susceptible to colds and quicker recoveryMade in Hamilton OntarioHow to Use Vita Biosa + The dosage amount a person should take on a daily basis depends on his body needs. One thing to note, in order to have a therapeutic effect, a person cannot take too much but can take too little Vita Biosa10+. Typical dosing ranges from 1 teaspoon to 3 tablespoons daily. It is recommended that you begin with a small amount, such as 1 teaspoon, and build up to 2 or 3 tablespoons daily. Please note that in times of illness or multiple ailments, it is encouraged that you double your dosage temporarily until recovery is achieved. It is best to take Vita Biosa BEFORE breakfast. You can enjoy it straight from the spoon or mix it in with pure water, sugar free juices or in your daily smoothie. You can also mix in Vita Biosa in your bottle of water, and sip it throughout the day until finished. Please keep opened bottles in the fridge.Vita Biosa works very well by spraying on the face and skin for Skin symptoms Psoriasis Eczema and Acne May help prevent skin deterioration mitigate burns, scratches and woundsFurry Friends Need Vita Biosa+, too. Almost 90% of an animal’s immune system is impacted by the health of their intestinal wall Maintain a pH-correct balance in their digestive tract for optimal healthEQUINA BIOSA FOR HORSES: TERRA BIOSA FOR LIVESTOCJ AND CROPS: TERRA BIOSA MICROORGANISMS: TERRA BIOSA DOSAGES: RESCUING THE HONEY BEE: BEEKEEPING WITH BIOSA: BENEFICIAL BACTERIA—CONNECTING THE DOTS: BIOSA WATER AERATION: OF LACTIC ACID GAUSE LAW PROBIOTICS FOR ORAL HEALTH – MYTH OR REALITY? GUT BACTERIA AFFECTS THE BRAIN AND BODY WHY BEHIND THE CHOSEN STRAINS IN VITA-BIOSA 10+ RESIDENT MICROBIOTA—INFECTION, INFECTIOUS DISEASES, AND EPIDEMIOLOGY HOMO SAPIENS OR HOMO BACTERIENSI’S ORAL MICROBES AND PANCREATIC CANCER DISEASE AND HEART DISEASE: THE BACTERIA CONNECTION ORAL MICROBIOME IN SYSTEMIC DISEASE ALCOHOLISM LINKED TO LACK OF INTESTINAL BACTERIA you for watching!!

If you like listening to podcasts here is a good listen/resource by medical doctors/microbiologists.

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