Why Bacteria… My Journey with Amazing Bacteria

young plant in soil with nature background
Bacteria and my journey showing a picture of a Forest Service Pit Toilet in the woods on Vancouver Island,

Many moons ago my life was introduced to the amazing powerhouses of bacteria. It all started when I was providing maintenance for several Forestry campgrounds on Vancouver Island. The pit toilets always smelled to high heaven and were piled high with excrement. Half the time the pumper truck could not remove even half of the shit from the pit. So it meant every spring I was crawling down inside and shoveling the shit up into a 5 gallon bucket and hoisting it out. To be very clear I DESPISED THIS JOB!!!! 

Over the course of a few years I tried every enzyme, powder and liquid on the market for bio digesting sludge. Nothing worked. I was still down there shoveling each spring.

By now I was also providing security and maintenance and layout design and was also travelling to Chilliwack and Merritt for work. This meant more pit toilets and spring shoveling. One day I was on the ferry and overheard the conversation behind me. My ears perked right up when I heard about 18 inches of sludge being removed off a lake bottom in a season.

I pretty much just turned around and climbed over my seat and slid down next to them and said, “What is this stuff and how do I get it?!!!!!” Well it turned out that the fellow was from BeaverLodge Alberta and the company was Bacta-Pur from Quebec which at that time was only a few years old.

The product arrived and I had to activate it ( required a heater, container and air stone— and had to be kept at a certain temperature for 24 hours and then used in 24 hours) So in no time, I was off to the campsites to give her a go on the pit toilets. I poured it in, added more water and stirred with the shovel.

I came back the next day to the pit toilets and they were bubbling like a witches cauldron. I was freaked!!! What had I done? More importantly what was this stuff???? I called for the pumper truck so this stuff could be pumped out… and was chiding myself for being so trusting and such an idiot.

The pumper truck came and he pumped out the toilet while laughing at my predicament. This humour on my behalf was short lived as both of us stood and looked at the clean bottom of the pit, and not just this one toilet but in all of them! What is this stuff he wanted to know… and all I could tell him was that I didn’t really know… something about 21 different strains of bacteria.

At that moment, I knew the stuff worked but did not understand why, how or anything. One thing I knew was that I needed to learn more about bacteria. So I started with proving to myself that it was indeed safe.

I had a tank of angel fish at home, and they are so very sensitive to anything; so that got me thinking. I went out and bought another tank and filled it with guppies and gold fish. I started by adding some of the bacteria product to the tank at the beginning and every couple of days I added more.

The weirdest thing… I had no new tank syndrome…none! So I kept adding more bacteria, and with every water change I added more and more until eventually my tank was pretty much straight bacteria (Bacta-Pur) and my fish were happy, healthy and I was barely needing to feed them.

I repeated this procedure with the angels with the same success. At this time I noticed that my filters were not requiring to be changed as before. It was mind boggling!!. I couldn’t wrap my had around what was happening with the power of bacteria.

So then I thought well if it is safe for the fish….. how about me…I took a swig out of the container and I was threading a needle at forty paces in no time with the worst stomach cramps I have ever had. Okay… I guess I can’t drink it straight…. So then I drank out of the fish tank… and that wasn’t  a great experience either – maybe not threading at 40 paces but clearly 30 paces.

One day I had this great idea, that I should use the water from my fish tank when I do the water change for my house plants and raspberries outside. Within a short couple of weeks the growth, buds, and overall health was very noticeable. Let me tell you, I was really curious and really thinking at this point. I do not know about you but I was always taught bacteria was bad.. Well what I was seeing was not bad it was amazing.

My next test at this point was to cut myself neatly on the back of each hand. I poured the bacteria product onto my right hand over the cut and did so every few hours. My other hand got the sugar treatment…..a remedy I had used for years with great success. To my amazement both hands healed pretty much equal. The differences were that the hand that had the bacteria treatment had a cleaner healing edge (smoother) and the sugar took away the pain in the other hand.

So the next experiment had me cut my hands again but this time while maintaining the treatment, I used no bandages and used my hands in the dirt, hay, washing pit toilets with no gloves or protection etc. To clean the debris out of the wounds I rinsed with water from the tap on one hand and used the bacteria product for rinsing the other hand. This time the bacteria product (Bacta-Pur) hand won hands down LOL. It healed up a full 3 days before the other hand and had no red or swelling or discharge.

At this point I started to research and learn about bacteria and the role they play. The stuff I was learning at this point was blowing my mind… I had had no idea how important these guys really were. I was stunned to learn that without bacteria all life as we know it would cease to exist on earth. This was in the early 90’s, a time when everything was anti bacterial.

By now I was providing the company with dosage rates and protocols for many different applications… from slurries to septics, gardens to lagoons etc. My curiosity was driving all these experiments and providing me with a wealth of first hand experiences and puzzles to solve.

I designed doggy doo waste systems and installed them in a person’s flower bed and or lawn and once a week I went around and added Bacta-Pur,  and viola no more doggy doo in the garbage.  Every spring I would soak a person’s lawn with the product and then when everyone else’s lawn had turned brown, even with no watering theirs was still green. I could go on and on regarding my experiments but by now I am sure you get the point.

Check out more applications and uses HERE.

I was still sorta looking for something I could take…and eventually I found a product that was comparable in the activation to Bacta-Pur. However it was in Europe and not legal in Canada. I kept monitoring and eventually it came to the USA, so now it was easier to get access. In 2014 Biosa products became available in Canada and I became a Rep and distributor!!!!

Sadly, the Bacta-Pur company closed their doors. I was devastated at that loss. However, I soon found out I could use the Biosa product line ( Vita Biosa, Terra Biosa, Equina Biosa ) in the same applications with similar success. Check the Biosa product line out here!