For the Best Natural Holistic Health of Humans, Soil, Horses, Livestock, Crops, Gardens, Pets, Fish, Air & Water.

Natural Health Products

Biosa Inc. products picture showing Equina Biosa in a 3 quart bib, Terra Biosa, Vita Biosa in 500 ml sizes

Biosa Fermented Organic Probiotics

Proudly Canadian Manufactured and shipped from Hamilton, Ontario

Innotech nutrition berkana farm

Innotech Nutrition Solutions

Please note my links for whatever reason are not working for Innotech Nutrition so please shop directly from Innotech Nutrition and use mona10 at checkout for 10% off.

Proudly Canadian Manufactured and shipped from Winnipeg, Manitoba

vollara products canada

Vollara Air & Water Technology

Shipped from the USA

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Community Partners

Find a retailer close to you or ask your retailer to bring it in for you. Want to join our Community Partners & add Biosa Probiotics or Innotech Nutrition to your store shelves? Please contact me.