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Mona's Testimonials a picture with a brown frame and a herd of excited running horses

Testimonials: Mona’s # 1 Favourite Products

Products I use everyday and worthy of my Testimonials In my journey through life I have always been amazed at the myriad of products and testimonials available. Some worthy, some not. For me to give a testimonial on a product, it does not come easy. My integrity is super high,

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Brain Injury and My Amazing Healing Method

Amazing Benefits of HBOT for Traumatic Brain Injury Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is not new. HBOT has been used in many countries for over 50 years to successfully treat many different health conditions such as wounds, cardiovascular conditions, neural plasticity and re growth, dementia, stroke, oxygen deprivation/circulation disorders, PTSD, PTSS, anti-aging

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picture of a santevia water filtration system with the words I love my santevia

My Santevia Water Filtration System is the Best

Healthy water right from your tap!! No need for plastic water bottles.  I absolutely love my Santevia water filtration system!! Santevia water filtration system gives you Healthy living water right from your tap that is chlorine and fluoride free. Filters out giardia and soluble iron. Counter Top Model Awesome Healthy

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Hypothyroidism Symptoms. a picture showing the thyroid gland in the neck

Hypothyroidism Symptoms-Life of Hell

The symptoms of hypothyroidism (a low functioning thyroid)  are numerous and the health impacts are far reaching. I lived and suffered with most of these symptoms for years,  and was never diagnosed by a physician.:( I am sharing what I have learned in my thyroid wellness journey. This post is

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Nitric Oxide--The best kept secret for cardiovascular disease A picture of the human body showing the heart with an enlarged blocked artery

Nitric Oxide—A Well Kept Secret for Cardiovascular Health

 Cardiovascular disease cannot be predicted by the size or shape of our bodies, our exercise routines or eating habits. this has become very apparent after performing many cardio screens using our DPA  cardio screen machine. (The Digital Pulse Analyzer is manufactured by Meridian and is a FDA and Health Canada

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Health Mona;s struggle to beat the odds

Health: Beating the Odds

Health on my terms I have never been one to let another decide my fate or outcome.  I listen carefully, ask questions, and ask for proof.  Once I get home I start doing my own research and decide on my course of action. I take my health very seriously because

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HBOT Solving the Brain Puzzle written by Dr. Bill Code

My Amazing HBOT Journey

I first learned about HBOT in 1999 when I attended a talk in Victoria, BC. The presenters presented all sorts of info regarding its effectiveness for brain trauma. I stayed behind to discuss my case with the doctors and they told me that it would not be of any value

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Vitamin D deficiency, picture of the sun and how it interacts with the human body giving health

Vitamin D Deficiency Wreaks Havoc

10 Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency You Shouldn’t Ignore Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, helps boost muscle and bone growth and lack of it can really mess with your health. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with heart disease, obesity, depression, colon, breast and prostate cancer, and

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Cardio Screening

Cardio Screening – powerful diagnostic screening tool.

Having a cardio screening is a quick, easy and accurate way to determine your risk factor for heart attack or stroke. Berkana founder and owner Mona Illerbrun is certified in the use of a Health Canada-approved Digital Pulse Analyzer, or DPA. In three minutes, Mona can obtain the same information

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