Hypothyroidism Symptoms-Life of Hell

Hypothyroidism Symptoms. a picture showing the thyroid gland in the neck

The symptoms of hypothyroidism (a low functioning thyroid)  are numerous and the health impacts are far reaching. I lived and suffered with most of these symptoms for years,  and was never diagnosed by a physician.:(

I am sharing what I have learned in my thyroid wellness journey. This post is all about symptoms and the why it is so prevalent and underdiagnosed.

I have created 3 images to show the myriad of symptoms a person can face if the thyroid is not at optimal function.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms of the Body

Hypothyroidism Symptoms that are visible when looking at the body , skin, organs, nails, reproduction, muscles/joints a face

Hypothyroidism Symptoms – Brain Related

Hypothyroidism Symptoms that are visible when looking at the brain - cognitive problems

Hypothyroidism Symptoms Visible in the Face

Hypothyroidism Symptoms that are visible when looking at a face

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Hypothyroidism and The Why

Environmental Influencers on Thyroid Function

If you look on the partial periodic chart below you will find a F, Cl, Br, I, At, and Uus (Uus in 2016 became Ts) in the second to last vertical row. These symbols represent fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine, and tennessine. These are known as Halogen elements. Halogen elements are very reactive and bind to the same receptor sites in our bodies as our thyroid hormones.

Periodic Table


Iodine is necessary for thyroid health and function. However, as you can see on the chart iodine falls below Fluorine, chlorine and bromine which means that when these halogens are present in our body, they will impede or stop Iodine from getting to the thyroid receptor sites because they are much more reactive.


Chlorine and Fluorine in the water.

When we bath, shower or drink water that has been treated (public water) these highly reactive halogens (chlorine, fluorine) attach to the receptor sites effectively blocking iodine from attaching and being utilized. Which means even if we have adequate Iodine in our diets it cannot be utilized by the thyroid gland. If the thyroid gland cannot access the Iodine hypothyroid symptoms will begin.


Bromine is also more volatile than iodine as it too is above iodine on the periodic table which means it too can cause problems by up taking the receptor sites needed by iodine. Bromine is sprayed on strawberries, used in breads/flours in place of iodine, and used in hottubs, etc.  More info can be found here:   Iodine supplements and thyroid ( search for May 13 article)

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