Vita Biosa Probiotics and Health & Immunity  

 Vita Biosa & Human Health — Gut/Skin/Brain/Hair/Teeth/Eyes/Heart……

   image of 2 bottles of vita biosa in an advertisement that says it is a gut feeling and on the bottom it says triple fermentedVITA BIOSA 


The only triple fermented probiotic beverage on the market today.


Smile and be Happy… Your Health is only a sip away!!

Welcome to the wonderful and often confusing world of beneficial bacteria.

This informative, fun, and interactive info session may be hosted by you. Contact us for details. May good health prevail. Click here for a pdf copy of Connecting the Dots

The Chicken Experiment – My first experiment with Vita Biosa

Okay so as I looked around, I spotted the dogs so they were next…

Then the horses…

Then my friends…..

Tried, true, and fully tested… we are believers….then we had to wait for 5 years for the Company Biosa INC. owned by Niels Wandler to finally gain approval from Health Canada for us to be able to present to you the remarkable Vita Biosa.

*Remember… no one…..not even me… your own research and experiments

How Important are Beneficial Bacteria to our Health?    We cannot exist with out them.


        1013      Body Cells                          1014   Bacteria cells        Picture of a human body with all the billions of beneficial bacteria covering the skin

connection between the microbes of the gut and the brain

Dental health & Heart Health 

Information provided by Niels Wandler of Biosa Inc.

It appears and research confirms that oral hygiene is paramount to general health and, in particular, cardiovascular health. The oral cavity holds billion of microscopic pores inhabit by bacteria, places that are not reached by toothbrushes.

Dentists and heart surgeons report that bacteria, originating in the oral cavity, enters the cardiovascular system, where it build up and grow bio-colonies, which over time will impair blood flow, causing chest pains and ultimately heart failure. That because the mucus in the mouth, especially under the tongue, allows easy access for the pathogenic bacteria to enter the bloodstream. The researcher also finds the fungus Candida Albicans to be active in gingivitis and periodontitis, which may explain why dentist observes fewer and less severe disorders in patients gargling the mouth with our Broad Spectrum Probiotic before swallowing because Candida Albicans retreats when exposed to lactic acid.

By reaching each single pore, our Broad Spectrum Probiotic Vita Biosa is a great help in actively preventing aforementioned. “Vita Biosa goes places toothbrushes never reach.” Research has shown that replacing your current mouthwash with vita biosa improves your oral microbiome with noticeable results  and better dental checkups in 3 months.

As bloodwork typically detects planktonic bacteria, bacteria that are flowing freely, bloodwork will not identify bio-colonies aka plaque aka biofilm. Cardiovascular screening is the simplest way to identifying that bio-colonies are at work.

In conjunction with Dr. Licio, we are working on an article on the issue Broad Spectrum Probiotics (vita biosa) and Oral Health.

Cardio Screening has shown that Vita Biosa greatly improves cardiovascular health.


Why do we need good and bad bacteria?

Everything in nature is about balance. When good bacteria flourish, bad bacteria struggle to keep a foothold, when bad bacteria flourish, good bacteria struggle to keep a foot hold. Science has determined that for optimum health the balance must be  75 % good VS 25 % bad. Baseline health requires a balance of  65 % good bacteria VS 35 % bad bacteria.

Bad bacteria and good bacteria communicate with one another and this communication is what allows them to work effectively together to give us health. When this balance becomes skewed, so does the communication, hence problems develop with our health.

What disrupts this balance?

1) stress                                    4) antibiotics

2) what we eat                          5) germ a phobia parenting

3) diabetes                                6) birth by C section

Stress: The different hormones that are released during periods of stress, the change in our sleep, eating habits, breathing, and exercise all change the balance of bacteria. Periods of stress and the outcomes on health are individual. Science tells us that stress destroys bacterial balance and when that balance falls below the numbers for health (65% good VS 35% bad) illness results whether it be a simple cold or a deadly disease.

What we eat: Beneficial bacteria flourish with the right foods and struggle when we eat the foods that do not support their existence. Hence, the term prebiotic. Processed foods and refined sugars do not offer beneficial bacteria any long fibers to cling to. Processed foods move very quickly through the stomach part of the digestive system, and then tend to pack up and move much slower. This slowed movement along with its hostility towards beneficial bacteria allows decay and rot to occur attracting the “bad” bacteria. Science tells us that continued consumption of processed foods on an ongoing basis will disrupt the balance of bacteria and ultimately our health. There is a reason “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has remained a popular saying. An apple is full of fiber, beneficial bacteria thrive on fiber. this is also why adding vita biosa to your daily regime helps to correct the imbalances and this improve health.

Difference between pre-biotic and probiotic. Vita biosa has both

Note: Vita Biosa drink has prebiotics, so no need to add more. Vita Biosa also makes its own digestive enzymes so no need to add more.

Vita biosa has a PH of 3.5 to match that of your stomach acid.

Diabetes: When you have diabetes, there is a problem with how you are able to use,  and store glycogen (sugar) from either too little or too much insulin. Sugar is the problem as excess sugar feeds “bad” bacteria especially Candida. When your residence bacteria are out of balance it becomes very easy to overeat because the ability of the body to signal the brain that it is full is diminished. Most of us tend to overeat when we eat processed foods. This effect on diabetics is even more pronounced and serious because of the excess problems with sugar and the slow movement through the gut because of the lack of fiber found in processed foods. Vita Biosa improves the relationship between the good and bad bacteria.

Antibiotics: Chances are if you have ever been sick or had surgery or severe acne you have been given a course of antibiotics. Unfortunately, antibiotics do not have the ability to only search out and kill the bad bacteria, they kill both good and bad. Science tells us that after a course of antibiotic treatment many of the good bacterial strains NEVER return to our body. I do not know about you but my logic tell me this is not a good thing, they were there for a reason, they had a function. Science may not be able to determine the function, but the very fact, they were there tells me they were a part of us and our original health signature.

In our homes we use antibacterial this and antibacterial that. We scrub, clean, sterilize, purify all in the hopes of attaining health. In this attempt at attaining health we must take a look at what we are doing and ask ourselves “Now that I understand the balance… and in killing bacteria there is no discrimination.. good and bad both go.. Is this wise”? Lets take a step back even further and ask ourselves about our water. We poop and pee out antibiotics when they are in our system, we use antibacterial soap, cleaners etc in our homes, and all of this is flushed into our lagoons, septics,  or municipal sewage treatment plants, not to mention our waterways. We then have treated water coming into our homes, which is designed to purify our water, which is also flushed into our waste disposal system. I won’t even mention what this does to our soil.

Do you think there are many good bacteria left alive after this treatment regime?

Are there other options? You bet  there are, but first we need to free a small space of our minds to even consider the possibilities and the benefits.  Vita biosa, Terra Biosa, and Equina biosa offer us a world not yet truly discovered.

Germ a phobia parenting: In the hospital, the premise for health is all about sterilization, killing off bacteria to prevent infection/disease and thus promote health. Our society is generally terrified of germs, disease, illness and wholly embraces the concept that bacteria is bad. It is no wonder we have parents that are terrified to let their child eat dirt. It is all about clean, clean and clean. Anti this and Anti that. We even have hand washing stations now at petting zoo’s. Couple a cesarean birth with germ a phobic parenting and the question that must be asked is” Exactly how will my child acquire the bacteria for their central bacterial system (residence bacteria) and ultimately their immune system and health?” Science has shown that children raised with pets have fewer incidents of autoimmune diseases. Science has shown that our hands (our first line of defense) are covered with good and bad bacteria. The balance that is so necessary for health. What do you think happens when we kill all the bacteria off our hands and then come into contact with bad bacteria? What happens to the balance? What does that ultimately mean to our health?

C Section Births: When a baby is born through the birth canal one of the many benefits is the acquisition of healthy beneficial bacteria from the mother. Next the baby nurses from the mothers breast, and acquire more. From age 0-4 ish the baby is busy acquiring more every time he or she sticks their fingers in their mouth, eats dirt, eats poop.. you name it. The bacteria that is acquired through this process becomes that babies central bacterial system–residential bacteria ( contains good and bad) and is responsible for the babies overall health. It is very important to realize that this system, once it is destroyed or compromised NEVER returns to its original composition. Once it is gone it is gone. Science is coming up with ways to reintroduce, but the reintroduced bacteria do not set up house like the ones that colonized in the first 4 years. C section births are a double whammy. First, the baby does not get the bacteria from the birth canal, second the Mom is given antibiotics because of the surgery so the baby is getting antibiotics in the breast milk. This means the opportunity for the baby to acquire their central bacterial system is severely compromised if not eliminated totally from these two sources! As we speak approx.70% of all births in the USA are cesarean, and approx.50% in Canada. Asthma and respiratory problems are also on the rise.

How do we get beneficial bacteria?

Picture of a mother and baby with a list of the ways we gt our residential microbiota. Mothers milk, birth canal, our environment form age 0-4

Residential Microbes:  From age 0 to 4 ish we have the opportunity to build our residential bacteria (central bacterial system) by the birth canal, breast milk (mother’s milk has up to 600 species of bacteria as well as the sugars that nourish beneficial bacteria while the babies biome is being created), and touching and eating what ever our hands come into contact with from dirt to poop. Remember, this is the only time frame in which to build your residence bacteria, the bacteria colonies that stay with you for life, unless destroyed by antibiotics, stress, the food we eat, cesarean, and or germ a phobic behaviour.

picture showing the residential bacteria found in the head, gut and lungs

picture showing teh residential microbiota in joints, oral cavity and skin creases

So very important to remember that:

picture showing a bloowing dandelion seed, once our microbiota are gone, they are gone for good.

After age 4 — How do we get beneficial bacteria?

In order to answer this question you must first understand our digestive system and the 7 hour window. Science tells us that in order to have beneficial bacteria (Vita Biosa) provide us with the most benefits they must be able to be; fully functioning, able to withstand the acidity of our gut, able to reproduce, bond, communicate, get along and work together cohesively for the 7 hour window which is more or less the time it takes from ingestion of food to the passage of the food through the small intestine into the large intestine. All of our nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine. Science tells us that without beneficial bacteria present in the small intestine no nutrient absorption is possible.  Without adequate fiber for the beneficial bacteria to adhere to they are just flushed through your system. Without adequate food, they are unable to reproduce, and work at building health in your body. Processed foods feed the wrong bacteria. Note: Beneficial probiotics found in Vita Biosa are able to make digestive enzymes. Vita Biosa should be taken daily for optimum results.

 race against time: how vita biosa makes it way through the digestive processBeneficial bacteria (vita biosa) must be consumed daily. The greater the variety, the greater the benefit. The most important factor of all is the delivery method. Your choices are food and supplements. Food is always the best choice. Great news!!! Vita Biosa is classified as a food by Health Canada.


Why these foods?

foods bacteria love- broccoli, bananas,, beans, Jerusalem, bluberries, potent, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh,For the most part they are high in fiber and they contain great food for your gut bacteria.

 **pick your own huckleberrries, saskatoons, blueberries, raspberrries and strawberries

Did you Know that in as little as 24 hours you can change your gut flora by eating the right foods.

Now lets try to navigate the myriad of products available.

A visit to your health food store is bound to leave you comparing this and that and not really knowing what on earth to do. CFU is a method of counting “colony forming units”. It is impossible to count individual bacteria so instead if bacteria have the capability of forming a colonizing unit it is counted. NPN is a “natural health number” given by Health Canada. Any supplement on the market by law requires a NPN number, the only exception is health products that have been classified as a food by Health Canada such as Vita Biosa. A NPN number is in place to guarantee you that label and contents match in every way. E.G. if it says 60 Billion, it has to have 60 Billion at the time of packaging. Once ingested Vita Biosa doubles its CFU count every 20 minutes! Wow, so in 50 minutes vita biosa is now at 48 million CFU.

Powders: These are great for mixing in smoothies and drinks. The draw back is that once the lid has been opened the powder is exposed to moisture and the bacteria start to wake up. When they wake up they must feed so they start to eat each other. It is impossible to open and close the jar with out letting in moisture so the product degrades rapidly.

Pills: In order to aid in swallowing and to protect the bacteria from moisture the outside of the pill is either coated or sealed using pressure. The coating may be made up of plastics, or other material impervious to moisture which also means there is no guarantee your gut, especially a compromised one, will be able to break it down in order for the bacteria to be able to go to work.. If the pill is sealed using pressure the pressure kills some of the bacteria.

Capsules: It is important to realize that in a capsule there is also a second lining made of plastic because with out it the bacteria would eat through the vegetative capsule. Again, this process of using plastics means that our guts, especially a compromised one, my not be able to break down the protective capsule making it impossible to get benefits.

Fermented Foods: We have Kefir, yogurts, kombucha, fermented veggies (sauerkraut). Kefir/yogurt usually have one bacterial strain present. Kombucha/fermented veggies usually have 1-5 strains present. Vita Biosa has 10 strains present. This is possible because of the triple fermentation. Triple fermentation of Vita Biosa allows the “marrying” of different strains that require different temperatures to incubate and reproduce. This process of triple fermentation of vita biosa gives you the widest array of bacteria in a bacterial community that are living and working cohesively together. That is why the results of taking Vita Biosa are so profound. From the first sip of Vita Biosa, to elimination the benefits are felt. These amazing powerhouses are busy doing wonderful things in your GI tract with full benefit for the crucial “7 hour window.”


*excerpt taken from Ave Maria’s post on vita biosa

Uses for probiotic therapy that have been discovered in other scientific studies that support a more expanded role for probiotics in your life. The following therapies have been effective in at least one scientific study and can be tried for yourself.
•Preventing Allergies – probiotic supplements for pregnant mothers have been found to help with atopic sensitivity in infants.
•Limits Lactose Intolerance – with probiotic therapy more lactose was tolerated by test subjects.
•Better Cholesterol – possibly lowers bad LDL cholesterol and increases good HDL cholesterol, bettering the HDL/LDL ratio.
•Lowers Blood Pressure – modestly in normal blood pressure ranges, but more significantly in those with elevated levels of blood pressure.
•Boosts Immunology & Reduces Infections – researchers have shown that antibiotics kill off the ‘good’ bacteria in the gut which are linked to keeping our immune systems effective at fighting infections. By taking probiotics it helps recolonize these ‘good’ bacteria possibly preventing infections and boosting the immune system.
•Reduce Eczema – probiotics helped manage Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) in children, especially those allergic and higher IgE levels.
•Increases Vitamin production – actively consuming probiotics help produce vitamins K and B12 and folic acid.
•Prevents Bacterial Vaginosis – aids in preventing vaginosis and is effective in reducing recurrence rates.

  What results have we seen from people taking Vita Biosa?

 Results vary from person to person, but the recurring ones reported after taking vita biosa are:

Better dental checkups–less tartar and plaque

Reduction and or elimination over a period of time of cholesterol and blood pressure medications

Vast improvement in cardiovascular health

Greatly improved lactose tolerance

Improvement and or elimination of varicose veins

Drastic improvement in allergies and asthma symptoms

Happier outlook

Improvement in ability to manage stress

Decrease in joint pain

More energy

Better sleep

Clearer skin

Clearer thinking

Better elimination

Less inflammation

Vita Biosa is not magic, you must give it at least a 3-4 month trial. I know personally that it helped myself when I needed it the most. It took two years, but my ulcerative colitis is gone. When I tested Vita Biosa on myself and 4 others, we all had better dental checkups, better sleep, better energy, clearer thinking, better skin/hair and at the 25th month we all experienced weight loss. Each one of us lost approx. 20 lbs during that one month period. None of us were dieting or trying to loose weight. It just fell off. Ever since none of us have had to watch our weight. We are finally, eating, and utilizing as we should. I love Vita Biosa!!!

Dollars and Sense

This is a question every prudent consumer considers prior to a purchase. Purchasing Vita Biosa may mean over time that you will no longer need to buy digestive enzymes, prebiotics, other probiotics, mouth rinse, facial toner, vegetable wash/spray, rennet or cultures for making yogurt and cheese. As well, over time you may be able to reduce the prescription drugs you are currently purchasing and have better dental checkups. As long as you continue to take Vita Biosa your health will be the best it can be.

Thirsty for Knowledge?

Other sessions that are available.  Contact us for details.

Let’s Talk Soil  —  Terra Biosa 

The nitty gritty on microbes and soil. An absolute must whether you are nursing a single house plant , have a market garden, hay crops or raise livestock.

Learn what it takes to build healthy soil. Discover why our current methods of gardening, growing crops and or raising livestock are killing off our soil microbes.

Enjoy and profit from increased yields, robust plant health while increasing diverse soil microbes.

Solve root problems in your hydroponics system easily and affordably.

Those that wish to do large projects will be provided with the method of extension.

Mona will be sharing more of her experiments and gardening tidbits.


The Buzzzz — Apiara Biosa

Whether you are a bee keeper , just love honey or are passionate about saving our bees this session will be well worth your time. We will examine not only Colony Collapse Disorder but what addressing the bees overall well being starting with digestive health can mean to our bees. Discover what role you can play in helping save our bees… Simpler than you may think. Tried and tested ways to revive tired and weak bees. Working around bees without smoke using Biosa. Bee loving plants.

Horse’n Around — Equina Biosa

Barrel racers, endurance racers, competitive riders, ….. if you own a horse, are thinking of owning a horse, or just love horses, this session will give you knowledge that will improve your competitive edge and your relationship with your horse. Put an end to high-strung neurotic behavior, decrease stress, and facilitate the healing of ulcers. Dramatically lower fly pressure and reduce odour. Give your horse a happy healthy gut and get a super shiny coat, increased endurance, better feet and a great mind.

Mona has over 45 years experience with  horses and will be sharing more of her experiments and results. If interest and time dictates she will share her experiences regarding getting back in the saddle after traumatic brain injuries and PTSD.

Cardio Screens

 Heart disease is the #1 killer in North America & is frequently referred to as the “Silent Killer”. Half of the people who have heart disease will die without even knowing they had any heart issues.


Pain free (uses an infra-red finger probe). Health Canada Approved medical device-takes 15 minutes  ( Jim books 30 minute appointments)

9 separate readings in one Screening will…….

  • Look for how weak or strong your heart is. EKG type reading.
  • Look for the elasticity of your arteries. (Stiffening or arteriosclerosis of the aorta and large arteries).
  • Look for how much stress you have in your Small arteries.
  • Look for how much inflammation you have in your body.
  • Look for pulse rate checking resting heart rate.
  • Look for dehydration, blood pressure. (Checks the viscosity of your blood whether it is too thin or too thick).
  • Look for how well your aortic valve is working. Ensure proper cardiac output of blood. Echo type of reading.
  • Look for irregularities in your heartbeat.
  • Look for your real biological age.

For more info or to schedule a cardio screening.
Follow up scans after 90 days: Great way to monitor whether or not your supplement program is working for you.