Vita Biosa and My Amazing Chicken Story

picture of a red leghorn chicken
My chicken story, picture of 4 week old cornish giants (broilers)

Vita Biosa gives amazing results: Less mortality, increase in lean muscle mass, less fat, and great food conversion.

My chicken story relates how raising meat birds and discovering vita biosa are two experiences that when combined the sheer magnitude of what happened turned my belief system upside down and became a pivotal moment. To provide a comprehensive picture of my journey with bacteria and how it all started please read Why Bacteria—My Story.

Everywhere you look it is antibacterial this and antibacterial that. There is never a moment when you are not being informed about the dangers of bacteria. So here I am at the 10-year mark of using bacteria and slowly getting it. Slowly understanding that beneficial bacteria is good. Still, I really have no idea.

Being very focused on results made me love the product. NO matter what I could count on it to work. Now rolling along we are entering the time frame where there are the beginnings of rumblings about good bacteria and in some health food stores, you could find beneficial blends for human consumption. It never even entered my mind that we need bacteria to be healthy.  Another journey of learning.

So now we are getting to my chicken story.

Four years ago (2010) I found by accident this website Biosa Inc. I then found myself some Vita Biosa. I knew nothing about the company, and “trust no one” is my motto, hence the aquarium experiment with the XLG. Of course, by now, I have been taking probiotics for my health and could never really tell you if I was getting any benefits. I was taking it because it was supposed to be good for me.

Here I am with a bottle of Vita Biosa and I am looking around for something I can experiment on. Always an interesting time as my curiosity drags me down another rabbit hole, in this case the chicken story hole.

My meat bird chicks are arriving the next day. You guessed it, another experiment!!! I always raise 100 meat birds at a time. I always use 50 bags of feed. I always have the ratio of 40 % of the birds are 5-8 lbs. and 60 % are 4-5 lbs. I always buy unsexed. So here I am adding 15 ml of Vita Biosa to every 5 gallons of water for my meat birds.

The test has begun. I never lost a bird, but I have had other years where I did not lose a bird either. It takes about 5-6 weeks before they are really pooping and eating lots. My coop smelled better. From week 7-8 instead of cleaning it out every 2-3 days I was able to clean it out every 4-5 days. Okay, so now it is the end of week 8 and we are off the slaughterhouse. I have 12.5 bags of feed left.

All the way there I am worrying. OMG what have I done! Will this be the chicken story that ends my chicken business???

Sound familiar right. I am holding my breath as we pick up the processed birds. They look alright. Not a s scrawny as I was expecting for having 12.5 bags of feed left over. In the truck on the drive home, I am calculating the weights. I do it twice . I can’t believe this!!! My ratio is reversed. I have 60% of my birds are 5-8 lbs and 40% are 4-5 lbs. We are dropping off the birds to our customers on our way home.

Once home, I decide to cook one of these guys. I start to cut it up and there is no smell. I mean none!! It doesn’t smell like chicken. There is no detectable odour and I have my nose right on it. Do I trust myself? No, I run over to the neighbours with this chunk of chicken and have them smell it. Besides looking at me like I just fell off the turnip truck they have to admit they do not smell a thing either.

I go home and am in a state because all my chicken is ruined and all my customers will be upset. Since when does meat not have a smell.

I resign myself to cooking this chicken. Normally I love chicken, but I wasn’t looking forward to finding out what a disaster this was. I skinned the breast and put it in a plastic container in the fridge. I cut up the rest and shake and baked it. 45 minutes later I open the oven door and there is no oil in the pan. I mean none, I am used to 3/8 inch of oil, at least.

Alright, there was a bit of shiny stuff in 2 small areas on the pan, but that is it. Jim is thinking this is good maybe we can throw out all the chicken. (he doesn’t really like chicken) I give him the leg.

He takes a bite and another, and another. My curiosity is killing me. WELL!!! Best Chicken you have ever done he mumbles between bites. Okay, so now I try it. I have to agree. I run over to the phone and start calling all my customers telling them to cook a chicken and get back to me. Tell me what they think!

Over the next 3 days the calls were coming in. Don’t know how you did it. These chickens are the best yet and you have always had the best chicken. What the H did you do? Meanwhile, the breast meat is still in the fridge. Still no odour, no liquid in the plastic container, no slime , nothing!

Day 8 still nothing has changed with the breast meat I put inthe fridge. Cooked and ate it on day 19.

Now I am on the phone to Biosa Inc. I tell him that I can see, taste, and smell what happened but I do not understand it. Enter Bacteria 101—I am informed that meat has a smell because what we are smelling is the decomp. As a culture, we are used to meat having a smell. Hmmph…..

My chickens are filled right down to every last cell with healthy beneficial bacteria because I fed them the Vita Biosa for their lifespan, which means no decomp happens until the beneficial bacteria start to die. You can tell when cells start to die, I am informed, because your meat gives off liquid, hence why stores use the absorbent pad under all your meat. HMMM….so that explains why my chicken breast did not give off any liquid.

I am also informed about all the studies etc. So I start researching and learning. I think, this might just be a fluke. So I put my dogs on it.

Our Great Pyrenees since we got him had digestion troubles, gas, and explosive poops. We tried all different foods. 3 days and his gas and explosive poops were gone! I immediately quit giving him the Vita Biosa. A few days and his gas and explosive poops were back. Back on the Vita Biosa. No more gas and explosive poops. No dog odour, no bad breath, no tarter, nervousness gone.

I started the horses on it. Couldn’t afford to feed 125 ml to each horse each day, so I learned how to make Animal Biosa from Biosa Inc. Within 3 months the differences I was noticing in the horses was amazing. Shiny healthy coats, super bright alert eyes, amazing increase in endurance, improved hooves and no more runny eye in the one horse. Before my animals were healthy, I fed good food, regular vet checkups, exercise, etc. and they did not look like this! The horses: the change was incredible!

So about now, I give it to Jim. 3 days later, he has quit soaking his hands to ease the stiffness. Here is this big non-believer, getting his “jungle juice” every morning. So I start taking it. As I run into people they start taking it. Everyone is telling me all these fantastic things that are happening to them.

If I hadn’t seen what it did do for my chickens, I would have quit taking it. I wasn’t feeling any big WOW. Jim pointed out how well I was sleeping and I had to admit it was good. I couldn’t even read at night as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out and I was sleeping all through the night. So okay, maybe it was doing something.

A year prior to taking the Vita Biosa, I had 3 major surgeries within a 6 month period. A knee replacement that went wrong. Another story for my blog. Having all the anesthetic, antibiotics etc. that are given with major surgeries whether you need them or not, had devastating effects on my health. I had ended up with lactose intolerance, huge digestion issues, and ulcerative colitis. I never related this to the fact that these procedures and treatment killed off my good bacteria.

So here we are 2014 and I am so happy to report that I no longer have lactose intolerance, digestion issues or ulcerative colitis. I am always getting compliments on my skin and when you are well over 50 this is awesome. I have learned so much more about healthy beneficial bacteria, that sometimes it makes my head spin. I cannot believe that these microbes are not worshiped. Without them, there would be no life! I do not expect you to believe me, but I hope this inspires you to find out for yourself. Do your own experiments.

Here is is 2022 and Vita Biosa is still my main stay. It is amazing how seeing the cell health in that chicken breast (Chicken Story) after 19 days in the refrigerator all those years ago impacted my belief system. Since, I have used it on the pork and beef we raise for our own consumption. Once the carcasses are gutted and hanging, they do not drip. Ask any butcher and they will tell you that carcasses drip. That drip is the moisture given off by the dying of cells. This process of cell death is known as decomposition.

Leaf lettuce from the grocery store can be kept fresh for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator by adding a bit of biosa to the bag so the stem stays moist.

I do not know about you, but for me keeping my cells happy and alive is the reason I take Vita Biosa every day. I hope you enjoyed my Chicken story and it motivates you to go try a bottle today!