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A holistic place for Partner Up Program where horse partnership & horse connection give a voice to the horse, Biosa® probiotics & Innotech Nutrition natural health products for healing people, animals, & the environment.

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About Berkana

Berkana is run by Mona Illerbrun and I am based in Quesnel, British Columbia. It is a place where people and horses can find their new beginnings. One of my passions is the communication with horses, which I now teach to my students with my Partner Up Program. As a perfect follow Berkana offers two all-natural product lines, Biosa Probiotics and Innotech Nutrition that promote better health in people, horses, and the environment. 

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Partner up Program

Partner Up is a 60 hour Online workshop for anyone who wants to build a better connection & partnership with their horse.

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Biosa® Probiotics

Biosa® specializes in the production of Fermented Probiotics for the health of humans, horses, soil, crops, livestock, and so much more.

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Innotech Nutrition

Innotech Nutrition strives to formulate and deliver effective natural health products and foods that improve diets and overall wellness.

Partner Up Program

A holistic place where horse safety, horse connection & horse partnership give a voice to the horse

At Berkana, we offer a 60 hour online Partner Up Program where you’ll learn how to improve your connection, relationship and partnership with your horse by looking inwards towards yourself and understanding how your horse interprets your behaviour, & energy, how your anatomical misalignments and fear, worry, doubts or anxiety affect your horse, while also learning about your horse and how they communicate and interact with their senses in your world.

Partner up workshops

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We offer two all-natural product lines: Biosa® Probiotics and Innotech Nutrition®. Our Biosa Probiotic products are loaded with beneficial bacteria that promote better health in humans, horses, soil,crops, livestock and the environment around us (gardens, greenhouses, nurseries, crops, fish farms, ponds and so more). Our Innotech products are all-natural supplements that help people balance their nutrition and increase their overall wellness.

We are also a distributor for Vollara air purifier and water filtration, and the Vollara LaundryPure 2.0, system, and all Vollara technology. 

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If you are looking for ways to feel better and improve your quality of life, look no farther than Berkana. And, if you’re a horse owner looking to form a better connection between yourself and your horse, you’ve come to the right place.