Partner Up Program: Building a Better Partnership with your Horse

Partner Up Program: Building a Better Partnership with Your Horse

Are you ready to become what your horse needs so you can feel safe and happy with your horse again?

Partner Up Program is where humans become what their horse needs moment by moment. This 60-hour online, intensive program is for anyone who wants to build a better connection & partnership with their horse. Partner Up Program offers you step-by-step guidance and support that allows you to increase your awareness and understanding of both yourself and your horse. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want more, you want to feel like you are one with your horse
  • You want your horse to be able to go anywhere and do anything with no worries
  • You constantly worry about doing the wrong thing and hurting your horse
  • You feel overwhelmed trying to get the problem solving tips to work and you never know why they didn’t work 
  • You feel judged by other people because you experience these issues with your horse and so you get more and more afraid to work with your horse while there are other people around
  • You feel frustrated and angry so you often blame your horse when things are not working out
  • You wonder how to get more woo-woo into your relationship with your horse

If you can answer at least one of these with a “yes” then, please, keep reading about Partner Up Program. 

Partner up program with Mona Illerbrun

This is how the Partner Up Program can help

Frame of reference and judgement a picture of 2 black horses greeting one anohter wiht a picture of a human superimposed

Think of it this way: if you want to have a strong, cohesive congruent relationship with your horse, you have to get to know each other, learn how to support each other, and bring out the best in each other. It’s an equal, two-way street. You have to make each other feel that, no matter what, you’ve got each other, you’re safe.

That is the essence of what we teach in our Partner Up Program. Partner Up Program is for anyone looking to change how they currently control/manage their horse’s behavior. Partner Up Program is for anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves and how their horse interprets their language. Partner Up Program is for anyone who wants to know what their horse is saying. Partner UP Program is for anyone who wants a clearer concept of energy (humans and horses) and how to use that energy. Partner Up Program is for anyone who wants a confident, willing, go-anywhere horse that is an extension of their own body and mind.

About Mona, your instructor

Horses for over 6 decades have been and are a vital part of my life. My relationship with horses began the moment I was able to walk. From then on every free moment was spent with horses.

I am honoured to have the privilege of having the responsibility for horses in my care. I am most at home when I am with my horses whether that be cleaning the stalls, riding bareback out on the trails with friends or alone in remote country.

Riding bareback has taught me the importance of balance with a light hand in creating free movement, balance, congruency, and willingness in my horse.

My health journey has given me a unique perspective and a strong understanding of the importance of being present, free of judgment, and patient, and how the human is the key when connection is to be realized.

From a young age, I found my empathetic nature always trying to make things better for horses and this led me to the realization that I, as the human, was the key. Using my energy, curiosity, visual acuity and awareness, I learned to decipher what horses were saying.

My empathetic nature also houses a warrior goddess that seeks inner peace, energetic congruency, and worth, not only for myself but for all I come into contact with.

Feeling safe, in my opinion, is the most basic need that must be met before any type of relationship/connection can follow. Feeling seen, felt, heard, and understood are integral to “worth” for both horse and human. Safety is only realized once worth and trust have been established.

My strong desire for congruency and to give worth and inner peace are the defining factors for giving the horse a voice by teaching others how to connect and communicate with horses. Through my Partner Up Program, I now uses this fluency to teach others how to better connect, communicate and attain anatomic congruence with their horses.

Who is this for?

This online horse program is for anyone who is ready to start the journey of self-discovery and is eager to feel a connection with their horse and have a relationship based on trust, honesty, acceptance, and willingness.

Who is this not for?

This online horse program is not for anyone who believes connection is not important to their relationship with their horse

Or is not dedicated to showing up for themselves and doing the work

What do you receive when investing in the partner-up program?

  • A better connection between you and your horse.
  • Insight into how your horse lives, moves, and feels
  • More fun and joy when you are working with your horse
  • More self-knowledge
  • The ability to start moving past your fear
  • A journey like no other. 
Partner up workshop canada Berkana farm

What is included?

The Partner Up Program isn’t like any other Horse program. It is a safe space for you to become what your horse needs. The Partner Up Program is developed to create harmony and congruence within you so that you may speak energetically. 

The overall focus of the program is to help you become aware of what you are bringing to the partnership/relationship while also increasing your awareness of what the horse is bringing. 

In essence, I train humans how to be what their horse needs moment by moment. I do not train horses. I have found that humans are the key and that when we focus on the human all the so called problems with the horse disappear.

  • 60 hours of online lessons
  • One 2 hour lesson each week
  • Q&A after each lesson
  • E-workbooks to help you with your assignments and notes
  • 30 minutes private one on one at start of Program
  • 30 minutes private one on one at end of Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
  • 2 month after program completion access to the recordings

Kind words from our attendee's

Are you ready to join the partner up program?

  • Module 1: The mind connection
  • Module 2: Understanding the horse senses
  • Module 3: Interpretation horse communication
  • Module 4: Fear biology Horse & Human
  • Module 5: Strategies for dealing with fear and doubt
  • Module 6: The importance of having an anatomic connection
  • Module 7: Identifying and correcting your imbalances
  • Q&A during online sessions

Starting October 7, 2024

Your Investment - $ 1797