Berkana Farm is all about new beginnings. Berkana Farm originated with the creation of a saskatoon u pick orchard. The orchard was much more than a business; it was a time of struggle and self-discovery as I tried to figure out who I was and what I was capable of after my first Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury. This time period was brutal, both in how I treated myself and my expectations. I had no acceptance, it was all about putting in the effort. I loathed reading about others who had miraculously went back to their previous lives all due to their determination, dedication etc to wellness. Here I was stuck in the trenches with no end in view and no improvement, so I just kept working harder to get well. I was alone in this journey for 6 years. I had no drivers’ license, I had to bum rides or take the pedal bike. I ended up homeless 3 times, living in tents or trying to find a kind soul who had room for an extra person.

Late in 2002, while I was building my house ( getting taken to the cleaners every step of the way, and not cognitive enough to prevent it) I met Jim. At that time Jim had many demons of his own, but he felt the need to protect me which overrode his demons. Jim provided the security of a person looking out for me, making sure I ate, making sure I had a ride, making sure I was not taken advantage of, making sure I was safe... and believe me when I say that this was the most gigantic task he took on. I was so blithely unaware......

Over the years I have accomplished and continue to accomplish amazing things, and have grown and continue to grow in ways that at one time would have been unimaginable. This period of time of growth and struggle to come to terms with who I was vs who I am and how do I get there has resulted in a huge accumulation of knowledge, insight, and humour.

At every pivotal point in this journey someone or something was there at the right moment to help with the paradigm shift.

In late 2014 I was sucker punched and kicked to the curb. The unthinkable and unimaginable happened: a second TBI. For the first time in my life I was rendered incapable of physical activity. An unexpected, uncharted blow to the face, while picking up the pieces of more cognitive destruction. Watching my physical body waste away was more devastating then I could have imagined. My traps gone, 15-inch biceps gone, 6 pack gone, my beautiful muscular legs gone. With no physical body to work with, I felt like a useless hunk of shit.

I lost everything that identified Berkana Farm as Berkana Farm. Once again I found myself at the abyss: facing an uncharted, unpredictable "new beginning".

This second journey reinforced that the strategies and knowledge I had already acquired to have the best life possible;  were indeed very effective. In the next breath, I had to explore a whole new realm to deal with the physical complications which resulted in many new strategies and a whole lot more information.

I have created this site to give back and to say thank you for all the very special people that have been and still are in my life. I hope the information I share will make you laugh, feel loved, understood and give you sparkle and hope for a wonderful life.

I have spent over half my life working with microbes AKA beneficial bacteria. I have used them to improve water quality, bio-digest manure, sludge, sediment, grease, improve soil, and plant health, as well as human and animal health.

In this section, you will find a collection of articles about research and treatment of the effects of brain injuries.

In this section you will find info on how I dealt with the health issues I have had. (Thyroid, Ulcerative Colitis, Osteoporosis, Knee Replacement, Hysterectomy, Nerve pain etc)  The journey to achieve health has been one of great research and trial and error. HBOT has been the most amazing experience for me in my healing journey.

The move from suburbia to a remote location off grid. No previous experience, just jumped in with both feet. Starting from scratch.

This is a collection of articles about horse care and training.

Here I share my experiences being a Brain Injured Person (BIP).

Here you will find information about vermiculture, composting water aeration, and more.

Here you will find information on the safe management of invasive weeds.

Saskatoon recipes collected over the years of having the u-pick orchard.