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Products I use everyday and worthy of my Testimonials

In my journey through life I have always been amazed at the myriad of products and testimonials available. Some worthy, some not. For me to give a testimonial on a product, it does not come easy. My integrity is super high, which means if I am going to recommend something, I have spent countless hours validating/testing and retesting. I love products that are easy to use, are made with superior ingredients, and make a difference in my quality of life.

If you are thinking skip the testimonials and rah rah rah, give me proof. That is music to my ears, click skip the testimonials1 and skip the testimonials 2 to go directly to the proof.

picture showing a 500 ml and 1000 ml glass bottle of Vita Biosa Triple Fermented Probiotic Drink

I love Vita Biosa!

Vita Biosa+

I am a Biosa Girl. I cannot imagine my life without Biosa!!! and I love sharing my biosa testimonials, and stories. Truly the best probiotic on the market because of the Triple fermentation process of 35+ days that allows for beneficial microbes from 3 different classifications to co-exist together as a strong cohesive family in an amber liquid of 3.5 PH.

As a consumer I love getting the best bang for my buck. Not only does Vita Biosa+ give a live ready to go to work probiotic that is capable of doubling its CFU count every 20 minutes once ingested, I can also use it for a myriad of other things.

Ditch buying mouthwash. Use a small amount Vita Biosa as a mouth wash after brushing your teeth. Super clean feeling, less plaque, less gingivitis, and your dentist will notice a difference in your oral health.

Skip the expensive alphy hydroxyl peels and toners. Apply Vita Biosa+ to your skin after cleansing and then continue with your normal routine. Your skin will be smooth and radiant. Use on your hands and feet too!!

Wounds: Rinse/flush with clean water, then liberally apply Vita Biosa, sprinkle with icing sugar and wrap. Replace bandaging as required.

Aquariums: Add 10 ml per every 100 liters once or twice a week. The powerful microbes in Vita Biosa will bio digest the fish waste and uneaten food and the result is a clean tank and happy healthy fish.

Dogs/Cats/Small Pets:

Daily dosage5-20 ml5-10 ml1-2 ml1-2 ml1 ml10 ml:100 l 1-2 × pr. week
For more dosage information CLICK HERE
Bottle of Equina Biosa 1000 ml

Equina Biosa is a precious gift to horses!

I get testimonials from many horse owners telling me that Equina Biosa has saved the lives of their horses and has enhanced the quality of their lives! Click here to read my testimonials.

Image showing a 500 ml bottle of Terra Biosa. Terra Biosa was extended to create 30 liters of product to use for the animal husbandry in the presentationment, gardens, crops, soil, manure and water

Terra Biosa is Amazing…

Terra Biosa may be used for gardens, nurseries, greenhouses, hydroponics/bionics, crops, hay, silage, manure slurries, livestock, livestock barns, compost, fish farms/hatcheries, ponds and so much more. I can never give enough testimonials for Terra Biosa!

Terra Biosa may be extended at home, which means by following a very simple recipe, 1 litre of Terra Biosa will extend to give you 30 litres of product to use. This process allows Terra Biosa to be very economical. For example, for application to an acre of hayland you would use 50 litres of extended Terra Biosa.

Terra Biosa used for Soil Health  consists of specific strains of soil bacteria that increase the microbial activity in the upper soil level so that any available organic matter is converted to plant-soluble nutrients and enzymes. Not only does this process create nutrients that were previously unavailable to the plants it also takes away the food source for any pathogen, thereby naturally keeping them at bay. The increase in the microbial activity in your soil allows the soil to increase its ability to hold on to moisture.

Benefits of using Terra Biosa for soil health include:

  • Reduction of fertilizer usage through improved microbial soil balance
  • Increased quality and quantity in ecological growing
  • Reduction or elimination of pesticides and chemical use
  • Increases earth worm population
  • Promotes development of the humus layer
  • Development of deeper and more extensive root systems
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Reduction of nitrate in produce
  • Increased durability of produce (lettuce stays fresh picked up to three weeks after harvest)
  • Improved durability of silage
  • Improved quality of manure – improved yield and prevention of disease, holds nitrogen

Terra Biosa and livestock 

Terra Biosa increases the immunity/health of animals and stimulates feed utilization which results in an enhanced product quality and quantity. Terra Biosa also takes away the food sources for pathogens so the need for animal medicines is greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Even more amazing reasons for you to love Terra Biosa: 

  • In addition to promoting animal health and animal productivity, adding Terra Biosa/E to
    sanitation routines does improve the stable/barn environment by effectively slowing down
    the creation and evaporation of harmful gasses like Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia etc.
  • Improve growth/quality and yield of crops by 30% or more
  • Increase the market weight of chicken, pigs, turkeys, and beef
  • Extend the shelf life and quality of produce (vegetables, fruits/greens)
  • Shorten compost time and build high quality soil
  • Helps reduce/eliminate odours from litter boxes
  • A 10% solution of Terra Biosa and water can be used all around the house as part of your
    cleaning routine (grime, mold, pet accidents, windows, grease/oil, odours)
  • Use 1/3 cup in your washer to eliminate odours
  • Spray a 10% solution into your air conditioner or heat pump when it is running
  • Add to your compost pail or diaper pail to control odour
  • Add to concrete for rust prevention
  • Remove stains from carpet
  • Add to your humidifier or dehumidifier
  • Add to your grease traps, drains, septic systems, lagoons weekly to prevent odours and associated drain and sewer problems
  • Use to reduce buildup/odour in your pit toilets
  • Use in your aquarium/turtle/amphibian habitat
Liquid Fermented Probiotic

Liquid Fermented Probiotic

This product is made by Biosa for Innotech Nutrition!!! So Vita Biosa is the same as Liquid Fermented Probiotic. Same great benefits!!! I am so happy. Please read my testimonials above.

Fasting Days

I love the raspberry lime Fasting Days powder. Great flavour and it dissolves almost instantly. I use it in my drinking water when I ride my horse. The electrolytes keep me well hydrated and the 10 grams of amino acids ensure I am not hungry, even after 6+ hours of riding. The single serving size is perfect to pack and allows me to add every time I fill my bottle on the go. I receive many awesome testimonials from intermittent fasters too!

testimonials - Curcumin 30+

Curcumin 30+is a game changer!

I suffered from painful joints, and have spent many years just grinning and bearing it. I have tried other brands of Curcumin and have never found help or relief. Curcumin 30+ from Innotech is nothing short of amazing. In 30 minutes I noticed a dramatic drop in my joint inflammation pain. I started off taking 2 capsules in the am and 2 in the pm. After a couple of months, I was able to reduce to 1 capsule in the am and pm. Currently I am taking 1 capsule per day to maintain a 90% reduction in my joint pain. inflammation. I have given so many testimonials about this product!

Here is what I have learned about Curcumin:

Key Points:

  1. Curcumin 30+ neutralizes two key proteins that cause inflammation and regular 95% curcumin neutralizes 1 key protein. 
  2. Curcumin 30+ works in a few hours vs. regular curcumin that takes days to work and is not nearly as effective on high amounts of inflammation. 
  3. Curcumin 30+ is the only standardized patented Curcumin with 30% BDMC. The competition has 1-3% BDMC. BDMC shuts down inflammation. 
  4. Here is the website of the manufacturer of this amazing product! Lots of info. https://www.biologicpharmamedical.com/curcuminbiobdmc

Vitamin D3 Spray

Sunshine miracle in a bottle!! Superior absorption. I have my blood work results to back up these testimonials. I use 4 sprays a day November to May and it keeps my level of vitamin D optimum. Great taste and the lemon oil is top notch according to the GC MS. (Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry)

Vitamin B-12 Spray

This is a godsend!!! Super absorption. Until I found this B-12 Spray I had to go weekly for B-12 injections. No more injections!!! And great bloodwork results. I use 4 sprays at night before bed and I get restful deep sleep. In the morning I use 2 sprays to start my day. During the day when I need to sustain my activity and keep my energy up I use 2 sprays to give me a second wind. I get many rave review testimonials from hockey players!

Liquid Ionic Kelp

I have thyroid issues and know firsthand how important it is to have adequate iodine for proper body function. I am also very aware that too much iodine can wreak havoc. Great absorption directly into the cells and the bloodstream eliminating the gut which increases the availability for the iodine to attach to the receptor sites. I also take 1 drop of nascent iodide each day which ensures I am getting both iodine and iodide because both are required in our body.

Detox 101

My thyroid function is why I love this product too!! Detox 101 is loaded with humic and fulvic acid which are superior at removing toxins and metals from our body both of which can impede iodine/iodide absorption and its ability to attach to the receptor sites. Contains lots of micronutrients too! The testimonials that have been shared with me have all been very positive.

Picture of a Laundry Pure system by Vollara

Laundry Pure 2.0

Conserve Water, Energy and Protect the Environment – Laundry Pure

Another successful experiment and happy addition to our list of testimonials!! We are constantly searching for products that make a difference in peoples lives/health and are good for the environment. Often this journey costs us a lot of time and money only to discover the product is not all what it was made out to be.

A few years ago I learned about the Laundry Pure System and I was intrigued. Clean laundry with no detergent. Sounds too good to be true. Anyhow, my curiosity won over my pocket book. I brought the unit home and it sat on a shelf collecting dust as we did not have our washer and dryer hooked up in our off-grid home.

A few months ago, it was a long-awaited celebration as finally the washer and dryer was hooked up. Then the dust came off the box the Laundry Pure was in, and we installed the unit just above our washer. We decided to utilize the water that would be spun out of the washer, normally into our septic, for watering our raspberries through spring, summer and fall. This allowed us to conserve water and energy. Our raspberries are loving the water. More research has shown us that the water from the Laundry Pure does amazing things for plant growth and health. I can hardly wait to do more experiments.

Our laundry is clean and smells fresh. We have not had a problem with stains. Over the summer, we will have more of an opportunity to see how well the Laundry Pure unit stacks up against oil and grime. This will also give us the opportunity to try out Re-Move, which is a colloidal silver cleaning liquid designed to work with the Laundry Pure system.

Tried the Re-move, not so happy with that product so no happy testimonials.

  • Front load washer and dryer with the laundry Pure 2.0 hooked to the washer

Stay tuned for more testimonials to follow. I would love to hear your testimonials, shoot me a message HERE.