Cardio Screening – powerful diagnostic screening tool.

Cardio Screening

Having a cardio screening is a quick, easy and accurate way to determine your risk factor for heart attack or stroke.

Berkana founder and owner Mona Illerbrun is certified in the use of a Health Canada-approved Digital Pulse Analyzer, or DPA. In three minutes, Mona can obtain the same information on your cardiovascular health as you would get at your doctor’s office. She will provide you with a snapshot look at your cardiovascular system so that you know exactly where you stand and can take control of your health.

Getting screened two or three times per year will help you to know the progress you are making. Each screening will give you a grade of your cardiovascular system – from ‘A’ for excellent, to ‘G’, meaning you are at severe risk of heart attack or stroke.

Cardio screenings are offered at Berkana. You can find us 65 kilometers northwest of Quesnel, B.C., at 5553 Blackwater Spruce Road. Mona will also travel to regional locations if there is enough interest.

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Cardio Screening
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Cardio Screening

Helping you stay heart smart

Take preventative action against heart attack and stroke by booking a cardio screening. It may save your life.