Equina Biosa – Horse Probiotic

Equina Biosa – Horse Probiotic


Equina Biosa is an organic probiotic drink for horses. It is designed to maximize digestive health and well-being and suppress the growth of parasites, pathogens and flies. It also reduces stress and anxiety. Equina Biosa can be added directly to feed or water.

Please note, a minimum of six(6) bottles must be ordered to checkout.

The microbial formulation for Equina Biosa has changed. The new formulation has only 3 microbial strains, whereas the original formula that I have tested extensively had 10 microbial strains.
I suggest ordering Terra Biosa if you would like to have 10 microbial strains present. Feed Terra Biosa using the same dosages as for Equina Biosa

Product Description

Equina Biosa is a triple fermented living liguid probiotic. It has whole body benefits that include:

  • aids in helping metabolic disorders
  • improvement in endurance
  • improved attitude and mood
  • decreased parasite load
  • better feed conversion – less body fat and more lean muscle
  • decrease / elimination ulcers
  • improved hoof, skin and coat health
  • and so much more…

This product is made from fermented herb
tea and organic blackstrap molasses. Remember it is fermented so the sugar is gone before it is fed to your horse – no concerns for insulin resistant or metabolic horses.

Feed Directions:
4-7oz (~100ml) per day / horse mixed into feed ration or drinking water. This product stays viable in the drinking water for 14 days and that metabolic conditions can require 300 ml per day. For more information on dosages and feed directions, please contact us.