Equina Biosa – A Miracle in a Bottle

Equina Biosa and a picture of my horse Gemini who is a big bay quarter horse

Equina Biosa Gave My Horse Story a Happy Ending

Equina Biosa and my horse story with a picture of my horse Gemini. A head shot of a bay quarter horse

Equina Biosa is the reason my horse is still alive. December 2, 2014 he severed his medial digital artery. At that time, I did not have a phone, nor a way to get him to the vet. The closest vet was a little over an hour drive away. I tried everything to get the bleeding to stop. My tourniquets were unsuccessful. Finally, I had no choice but to leave him tied standing in deep snow while I went to a neighbour’s house 1 km away to use his satellite phone.

Once I arrived at the neighbours, I had to wait for his phone to get signal and it seemed to take forever. Then I started calling vets. Not one would make the call out. Finally, I contacted one vet who said that if I got there in the next 1 hour, they would look at my horse. I was at a total loss on how I was going to get Gemini to the vet.

My neighbour suggested calling another neighbour. I took his suggestion and called. At first the answer was no, but my desperation finally hedged a yes. I walked back home and led Gemini to the road. While I waited I tried another tourniquet and wrapped more vet wrap. The neighbour arrived and Gemini was loaded and off we went. We had 75 km to travel to get to the vets.

We arrived at the vets and the vet was upset I was late, but all that changed when I opened the trailer door and all the blood began pouring out of the trailer. He had lost so much blood and was so shocky that his gums’ were so white his teeth looked black. The vet could not use anything for pain or as an anesthetic because she was afraid it would kill him.

She could not get a tourniquet to work either! She could not see to try to stitch the artery because she could not stop the flow of the blood. Eventually, she just grabbed the artery with her forceps and held it outside of his wound while she stitched it off. The exterior of the wound was stitched, his leg wrapped. From the time he severed his medial digital artery to the time the vet had stopped the bleeding by stitching the artery off, 2.7 hours had passed. He was still standing and he walked back into the trailer.

picture of Gemini standing by a red barn with his left hind leg bandaged. He looks tired.

At home I unloaded him and put him in the barn out of the wind. I draped my comforter over his body. He refused to eat but he did lap up some Equina biosa. He never ate for 3 days, he stood at the far end of the pasture, as far away from everyone as he could get. I tried coaxing him with carrots his fav snack, but that was a no go. However, I was managing to get him to lap up the Equina Biosa. On day 4 he came for hay.

Meanwhile I was changing his bandage every day. There never was any swelling or infection or proud flesh. That was not surprising to me because of my chicken experience. All of my horses have been given Equina Biosa (animal biosa) daily since 2010. Gemini recovered and so did I. I was a passenger in a truck pulling a trailer full of hay on Dec. 1, 2014. A vehicle tried to pass us and head on with a logging truck. My second and unwelcomed TBI along with many physical injuries. I am grateful we both made it.

Equina Biosa keeps Gemini’s Metabolic condition at bay.

Gemini has had food issues/ sensitivities since he arrived as a 2 year old. He was never full, and he was always focused on food. So much so that he was really mean to the other horses and he was very moody. By the time he turned 4 it was clearly evident these sensitivities were metabolic in nature. In less than 6 hours he could go from normal to cresting. He was not overweight at all either. He was very active and loved to run and play.

I learned all that I could about metabolic conditions from every source I could find. The problem for me was the so called solution of food restriction and high protein. Everything I try to do with my horses is to mimic what they evolved to be and eat. I understand the high protein as it is designed to offset the glycemic index, however in nature a horse would have a hard time finding food that high in protein.

I was really reluctant to restrict his food because of his issues with food, and my awareness of the ever producing stomach acid along with the importance of beneficial microbes and fibre in the digestive system. I was also very aware that in the wild a horse pics up beneficial bacteria, every time it grubs from the ground. No beneficial bacteria exist in a dirt paddock. That is why so many horses have profound changes with the introduction of Equina Biosa to their diets.

So that left me re thinking everything and trying to find a way to help my horse in every way not just his metabolic condition. It took me 2 years to come up with a solution that not only worked for Gemini but has helped many many laminitis and metabolic horses over the years. Gemini is able to be on pasture 24/7 with no restrictions. Another reason to love Equina Biosa!

  • I made sure that all my pastures are grass, no clover or legumes.
  • Gemini must have a minimum of 16 hours of moderate exercise each week.
  • Gemini gets 300 ml of the extended biosa (Equina Biosa 100 ml) every day. This dosage is increased or decreased depending on each individual horses requirements.
  • During the winter, I do not ride, so I ensure that there is adequate pasture for them to paw. I also feed the 3 horses 2 bales of hay per day. One of the bales is 6-8 % protein, low sugar hay and the other is 5-6% protein, low sugar hay. This hay is spread in little piles over 1/2 an acre. This is also how I constantly am building up my soil by choosing an area to winter feed in.

I feed Dr Reeds minerals now called Purica 3.0 which I mix into a small amount of soaked cubes each night feeding. this allows me to add the Equina Biosa or extended biosa. The horses love it!!

The before and after Equina Biosa picture!

Meet Bobbin. When I first saw this before and after of Bobbin I thought it was fabricated. Then when I called and was told that nothing was changed for Bobbin except for the addition of Equina Biosa and the after picture was taken 6 weeks after supplementing with Equina Biosa, I was in total disbelief. So much so, that I never bothered to take before pictures of my horses. Now… I so wish I had.

picture of a horse before taking Equina Biosa and after 6 weeks of taking Equina Biosa. An amazing transformation
6 weeks of Equina Biosa – no other changes!

Equina Biosa

Give 33 ml per day per horse or follow the directions on the bottle, mixed in their feed ration OR mix in drinking water (remains viable for 14 days).

A testimonial“I’m Sebastian Bugge, here with Avelle (Larino-Indorado), one of my elite horses. Avelle was awarded the 2011 Swedish Championship for three-year-old Jumpers. Our award-winning breed attracts buyers from North America, the Middle East and Europe. Our success is due to a low stress level achieved by serving premium fodder in combination with Biosa’s Broad Spectrum Probiotic, which supports the all-over metabolic processes.”

Benefits of Equina Biosa

  • Aids in metabolic disorders
  • Decrease/elimination of ulcers
  • Improvement in endurance
  • Improves soft/flaky feet
  • Improved attitude/mind
  • Reduced barn odours
  • Decrease in parasite load
  • Reduction/elimination of barn flies
  • Better feed conversion: less body fat and more lean muscle
  • Slow release of nitrogen from manure, which makes it better for the garden

If you would like to read more of my experiences with Equina Biosa or extended biosa please click the links below. If you have any specific questions about Equina Biosa please contact me.