Improve Oral Hygiene & Cardiovascular Health Now

Oral hygiene and the link to cardiovascular health. Picture showing vita biosa with a check mark and a human body with ailments with an x

Oral hygiene and Cardiovascular health are directly linked to the health of your microbiome. Studies have also shown that the microbiome found in your oral cavity is indicative of your gut microbiome.

Picture showing oral hygiene

Both oral hygiene and cardiovascular conditions are greatly improved with the use of Biosa’s triple fermented probiotic. (Vita Biosa and Innotech Liquid Fermented Probiotic)

When you brush your teeth you are removing both the good, bad, and ugly bacteria from your oral cavity. When you gargle and swallow a small amount of fermented probiotic immediately after brushing your teeth you will create a fully roust microbiome immediately. This small change will make a huge difference in your next dental check up. There will be less plaque, less receding of the gums, and less sensitivity. The fermented probiotic also enters the cardiovascular system through the oral cavity and begins bio-digesting the plaque build up in the cardiovascular system.