Dosages: Natural Solutions for Everyday Problems!

Dosages: a picture depicitng chickens, goaats, sheep, cattle, pigs, crops with a bottle of Terra Biosa being poured into a measure cup

Dosages and the applications for natural solutions using Vita Biosa, Terra Biosa, and Bacta-Pur XLG for improved health of livestock, crops, gardens, water bodies, compost, pets, fish hatcheries/tanks, septic systems, and lagoons and so much more….

The dosages are not set in stone, feel free to adjust accordingly to your individual application. For detailed instructions for extending Vita Biosa or Terra Biosa go HERE.

Click here for a PDF dosages chart with Terra Biosa’s applications for livestock/slurry applications.

For a dosage chart for Vita Biosa’s applications for pets/fish click HERE.

Water and Wastes Digest showcases features 5 new products each month online and in their print magazine. this is an amazing site to keep up with new technologies, inventions and products. In the January 2022 issue I love the autonomated algae control boat.

Please Note: Bacta-Pur® products are currently not available from IET-Aquaresearch Ltd., however they may be available from Valox Ltd. I am currently using both Terra Biosa and Terra Biosa extended using the same application and dosages with success. 

 Dosages for SEPTIC SYSTEMS:  Add one litre of Klean septic to your toilet and one litre of Klean drain divided among your drains once every three months. Commercial use:  add 30 ml of Klean drain per day per drain preferably at night before bed. do not add with any other cleaners, especially bleach!

Dosages for OUTHOUSES: Add 5-10 gallons of warm water to your pit, add one litre of Klean Septic and follow with 5-10 gallons of warm water. There must be adequate moisture!!! For total cleaning of the pit repeat this process weekly until all poop is gone. You can expect the level to drop at least 2 feet each week if:

*moisture is adequate

*warm water is used

*temperature is above freezing

Dosages for RV HOLDING TANKS: On the second day of usage add 1 cup of Klean Septic to your black water tank and ½ cup of Klean Drain to your grey water tank. Emptying will be a breeze. * no odour*, * no solids*, *no toilet paper*, * no buildup in drains*, *healthy choice for a healthy environment*  Add 1 cup of Klean Septic weekly to black water tank, between discharges. Always ensure the tank has liquid and matter present prior to adding the Klean Septic. When you empty, all that should be present is amber coloured liquid. There will be no odour. Add ½ cup of Klean Drain to drains every week upon continuous use of travel trailer. This will digest hair, food, soap etc in grey water tank.

Dosages for LAGOONS: Same as for septic systems. Excess water in your lagoon after treatment with Klean Septic may be used for irrigating pastures, lawns etc. With aeration& Bacta-Pur® your lagoon can become a healthy environment for goldfish. The goldfish will consume all the mosquito larvae. Win – Win  Do not use Koi, they will dig in the dirt which will erode your lagoon banks and muddy the waters. 

Dosages for COMPOST: Mix 500 ml activated XLG with 100 litres of water for spraying compost piles. Spray compost with water to thoroughly wet prior to spraying with activated XLG. For best results turn compost while spraying. Add water as required to keep compost very moist but not soggy.

 Dosages for GARDENS, LAWNS, SHRUBS, TREES: Best applied after a heavy rain, and or while raining. Mix 500 ml activated XLG with 100 litres of water. Spray on plants to run-off. Spray on soil to thoroughly dampen and water in. Apply in early morning or at night for best results.

TRANSPLANTING: Mix 500 ml activated XLG with 100 litres of water. Pour in hole and thoroughly saturate root ball. Use to water once planting is complete. ( 100ml to 5 gallons for smaller plantings)

HOUSE PLANTS: Mix 20 ml of activated XLG into 4 litres of water and water as usual.

Dosages for SMALL PONDS: Mix 1 litre activated XLG into pond per 100 cubic meters. For best results aerate the pond.

Dosages for LAGOONS & SEPTICS: Mix 1 litre of activated XLG per single family dwelling. Initially, treat once a week for 4 weeks. For maintenance treat once a month.

Dosages for OUTHOUSES: Residential: Mix 1 litre of activated XLG and 5-10 gallons of  luke warm water and add to pit toilet once a week for 4 weeks. Treat once a month from April to October. **Water level in pit toilet must be the same as the poop pile for optimum results.**

Commercial (Campgrounds): Same as above except treatment continues throughout camping season for build up and odour control.


Divide and pour 1litre of activated XLG down drains 4 times a year. Add 1litre of activated XLG to empty cycle of washers 4 times a year. Removes sludge, grease, soap residue and odours. I always add extra water (for front loaders push add garment button) with a bucket to increase the amount of water in the drum during agitation. This cleans the rubber drum gasket as well.