7 Benefits of Beneficial Bacteria for Your Garden

Image showing a 500 ml bottle of Terra Biosa. Terra Biosa was extended to create 30 liters of product to use for the animal husbandry in the presentationment, gardens, crops, soil, manure and water

For a beneficial bacteria powerhouse, grab a bottle of Terra Biosa and watch your plants grow.

7 benefits of Beneficial Bacteria

  1. Builds heathy soil that feeds from the bottom up
  2. Thick, robust stems.
  3. 30% increase in yield
  4. Decrease in disease
  5. Able to withstand drought better
  6. Plants are able to access nutrients
  7. Shelf life is vastly improved after harvest

Below are 2 charts. The first chart shows the different potting soils used, a control group, and the beneficial bacteria used. The second chart shows the temperatures: the high and low recorded for each day of the grow experiment.

Beneficial Bacteria used in a growing experiment

In the above chart I used XLG, but since then I have used Terra Biosa as the beneficial bacteria additive and have experienced very similar results. Natures Gold products are amazing. I love the fertilizer mulch!! When I lived in 100 Mile House I carried these products as part of my product line. I only associate myself with the products I feel are absolutely amazing. As you can see on the chart the use of Terra Biosa or (XLG) produced a robust plant with 14 more leaves. Using miracle grow resulted in growth but the plant stems were spindly.

Beneficial Bacteria chart showing the temperatures during the grow experiment

The above temperature chart demonstrates the vast ranges in temperatures from day and night. The pictures below show what a difference the addition of beneficial bacteria (Terra Biosa) makes.

Terra Biosa

Terra Biosa beneficial bacteria may be used for gardens, nurseries, greenhouses, hydroponics/bionics, crops, hay, silage, manure slurries, livestock, livestock barns, compost, fish farms/hatcheries, ponds and so much more.

Terra Biosa may be extended at home, which means by following a very simple recipe, 1 litre of Terra Biosa will extend to give you 30 litres of product to use. This process allows Terra Biosa to be very economical. For example, for application of beneficial bacteria to an acre of hayland you would use 50 litres of extended Terra Biosa.

Terra Biosa’s beneficial bacteria and Soil Health 

Terra Biosa (consists of specific strains of soil bacteria) increase the microbial activity in the upper soil level so that any available organic matter is converted to plant-soluble nutrients and enzymes. Not only does this process create nutrients that were previously unavailable to the plants it also takes away the food source for any pathogen, thereby naturally keeping them at bay. The increase in the microbial activity in your soil allows the soil to increase its ability to hold on to moisture.

Benefits of using Terra Biosa for soil health include:

  • Reduction of fertilizer usage through improved microbial soil balance
  • Increased quality and quantity in ecological growing
  • Reduction or elimination of pesticides and chemical use
  • Increases earth worm population
  • Promotes development of the humus layer
  • Development of deeper and more extensive root systems
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Reduction of nitrate in produce
  • Increased durability of produce (lettuce stays fresh picked up to three weeks after harvest)
  • Improved durability of silage
  • Improved quality of manure – improved yield and prevention of disease, holds nitrogen

Terra Biosa’s beneficial bacteria and livestock 

Terra Biosa increases the immunity/health of animals and stimulates feed utilization which results in an enhanced product quality and quantity. Terra Biosa also takes away the food sources for pathogens so the need for animal medicines is greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Even more amazing reasons for you to love Terra Biosa: 

  • In addition to promoting animal health and animal productivity, adding Terra Biosa/E to
    sanitation routines does improve the stable/barn environment by effectively slowing down
    the creation and evaporation of harmful gasses like Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia etc.
  • Improve growth/quality and yield of crops by 30% or more
  • Increase the market weight of chicken, pigs, turkeys, and beef
  • Extend the shelf life and quality of produce (vegetables, fruits/greens)
  • Shorten compost time and build high quality soil
  • Helps reduce/eliminate odours from litter boxes
  • A 10% solution of Terra Biosa and water can be used all around the house as part of your
    cleaning routine (grime, mold, pet accidents, windows, grease/oil, odours)
  • Use 1/3 cup in your washer to eliminate odours
  • Spray a 10% solution into your air conditioner or heat pump when it is running
  • Add to your compost pail or diaper pail to control odour
  • Add to concrete for rust prevention
  • Remove stains from carpet
  • Add to your humidifier or dehumidifier
  • Add to your grease traps, drains, septic systems, lagoons weekly to prevent odours and associated drain and sewer problems
  • Use to reduce buildup/odour in your pit toilets
  • Use in your aquarium/turtle/amphibian habitat