Probiotics: Get a Better Understanding in 1-2-3

Probiotics: image of 2 bottles of vita biosa+in an advertisement that says it is a gut feeling and on the bottom it says triple fermented

Probiotics for a Rainy Day

Probiotics are a gift from Mother Nature.. Each of us has our own unique residential bacteria signature as do all living things. Pretty Amazing!

We acquire our residential bacteria from inside our Mother’s womb, through the birthing canal, breast milk, and the exploration of our environment from 0-4 years of age. If any of these steps are compromised, there is the opportunity that our residential bacteria community will be compromised.

A compromised residential bacterial community results in adverse health affects: such as respiratory issues, auto immune conditions, allergies etc. High fevers, smoke, alcohol, and food choice can also greatly impact the health of our residential bacteria community.

By the time most people have reached the age of 35-45 they are facing health issues that they are trying to address by purchasing probiotics. I personally have had many health challenges and have been using Vita Biosa for many years with amazing results. Vita Biosa is is a Canadian company that is owned and operated by a small family in Hamilton, Ontario.

Basics of beneficial bacteria.