Products – Mona-Tested, Mona-Approved.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I use the products I sell, and the answer is yes. They’ve made a big difference for me.

My friends often refer to me as the mad scientist because I am always testing something to make sure it works.

I love Biosa Inc., Innotech Nutrition and Vollara products.

As just one example, the product Innotech B12 Oral Spray has allowed me to get off of B12 injections And using a combination of other Innotech products, including Liquid Ionic Kelp and Detox 101, has really helped with my thyroid. I’m hypothyroid, so trying to get everything balanced in my body so that my thyroid can function its best is really important.

Because of low thyroid function, I’ve also had problems with osteoporosis so I’ve been able to address that. In the beginning I didn’t really understand that it was all connected to my thyroid so now I focus on keeping my thyroid the best that it can be and everything else stays really good. And the Biosa probiotics are a huge part of that because they allow me to get the absorption of everything that I’m taking.

Then there’s Vollara. I love their LaundryPure system. It attaches to your washer and cleans your clothes in cold water with no detergent. It’s awesome for people with sensitive skin and so good for the environment. From spring to fall, the water from my washer drains outside and the raspberries love it!

The Vollara Air & Surface Pro is tested and proven to remove 99.9 per cent of contaminants from air and surfaces in a very short period of time. It also works very well for removing allergens, dust and smoke so it’s really beneficial for health.

And Vollara’s LivingWater filter is a must for anyone on city or treated water. Chlorine and fluorine block receptors so that iodine can’t be used in the body, and iodine is essential for thyroid health and function. LivingWater filters out chlorine and fluorine so the thyroid can do its work. It’s responsible for almost every function in the human body – immunity, bone health, hormones, eyesight, skin and hair, weight metabolism, and mental and emotional well-being.

So, in short, I only deal with products that I believe in. I hope you find them as beneficial as I have. Check out my testimonial page.

– Mona Illerbrun, founder and owner of Berkana