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13 reasons why you would benefit from Vita Biosa 10+.

  • Biosa Inc. products are the only products on the market using triple fermentation technology.
  • Triple fermentation allows you to have an active biological culture consisting of 10+ beneficial bacterial strains originating from 3 different microbe classifications.
  • The triple fermentation ensures that the beneficial bacteria have developed a cohesive and functioning relationship which means they are able to start providing health benefits the moment they touch your lips. The same applies for any other application as well.
  • Biosa products have a PH value of 3.5 which means there is no beneficial bacteria loss when introduced to stomach acid.
  • The Triple fermentation makes certain that the beneficial bacterial communities are able to rapidly colonize and reproduce. This coupled with the PH of 3.5 which provides beneficial bacteria with maximum survival, means that the 6 Billion CFU’s found in Biosa products are able to double in numbers every 20 minutes after being swallowed. (eg. In one hour after ingestion of 30 ml of VB10+ the 6 Billion CFU are now 48 Billion CFU of beneficial microbes)
  • Biosa products do not require a prebiotic as the handcrafted fermented formulation of molasses and 19 carefully chosen herbs acts as the prebiotic.
  • Biosa products produce digestive enzymes and improve intestinal health.
  • Biosa products improve oral health.
  • Biosa products improve cardiovascular health.
  • Biosa products are a healthy source of lactic acid and are wonderful when applied to your skin.
  • Biosa products aid in the development of lean muscle tissue.
  • Biosa products improve mood, sleep, and respiratory conditions.
  • Vita Biosa10+ can be used for humans, pets, birds, bees, reptiles, aquatic systems and much more.

Why is Vita Biosa your best choice for a Broad Spectrum Probiotic?

Vita Biosa is a fermented molasses and proprietary herbal blend  containing a  living healthy beneficial community of 10 different strains of bacteria that will go to work in your body immediately. From your first swallow these robust microbials start cleaning your mouth and continue providing your body with many health benefits from ingestion to excretion.

Vita Biosa is able to quickly introduce harmony in depleted GI tracts and actually produces digestive enzymes and various essential vitamin complexes (e.g. B12). In essence it produces antioxidants on an assembly line!

Capsules and tablets are not able to provide these same results!

As a consumer, unless we have a complete understanding of bacterial microbiology, we must look to labels for comparison. Bacterial count is referred to as CFU count. This can be a tricky process as your choice should not be based on CFU count alone.( Colony-Forming Unit – a measure of viable bacterial or fungi). WHY?

1) CFU count is arrived at manually by estimating the number of bacteria present by their weight, but not necessarily in terms of “living” bacteria present per weight.
2) Many of the bacteria do not survive the flash freezing process (a complex process that heats the bacteria to remove the humidity, then exposes the solids to – 18 C or lower. Not all of the bacteria survive this harsh process.
3) Once ingested, the gel capsule or tablet is at the mercy of your GI tract, which is unable to control where the contents are released. Tables or capsule formats often cause additional problems to sensitive GI tracts, and not all the bacteria survives the harsh digestive/living conditions of our digestive systems.
4) Products with a NPN number are guaranteed to have the “live” number of CFU by critical weight ( as stated on their labels) and powder blends (in capsules) represent  individual bacteria, fermented formulations represent a coherent working bacterial community.

“In a fermented tonic, using a multi microbial consortium, the various bacteria when metabolizing a particular carbon source do create a wonderful array of beneficial bioactive metabolites, cofactors, active antioxidants, digestive enzymes, hormones, antimicrobial / antibiotics, amino acids and much more”. E. Staley, Microbioly

The best way I can sum up all the above jargon is by saying that if we were to compare fermentation processes with capsule, gels, or tablets think of the following analogy.

Lets say we took and bundled up the 6 billion bacteria found in VB10,( all of which are very familiar with working together and having a cohesive community) loaded them up in the back of a truck and dumped them in to the ocean at night, and we took the 30 billion bacteria from a capsule,  and did the same. Remember, they do not know one another, they do not speak the same language, they have never developed a cohesive community, they have no experience surviving a PH of 3.5. Which do you think has the best odds of surviving and “getting back to shore”.

The fermentation process allows the different strains of bacteria to learn how to interact, support and strengthen each other (coherent working bacterial community).  In the Vita Biosa 10 formulation, the herbs and molasses provide the liquid food (PH 3.5) for the bacteria to live.  When you swallow your 30 ml daily dose,  six billion beneficial bacteria (10 different strains) are ready to go to work. They have everything they need to be powerful, unified, and the ability to withstand the harsh GI tract.

The capsule, gel or tablet on the other hand once ingested, it needs to dissolve (wake up) it has no experience with the harsh GI tract, it has no familiarity with the other bacterial strains, and it has no immediate food.

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