Another successful experiment!!! We are constantly searching for products that make a difference in peoples lives/health and are good for the environment. Often this journey costs us a lot of time and money only to discover the product is not all what it was made out to be.

A few years ago I learned about the Laundry Pure System and I was intrigued. Clean laundry with no detergent. Sounds too good to be true…..Anyhow my curiosity won over my pocket book. I brought the unit home and it sat on a shelf collecting dust as we did not have our washer and dryer hooked up in our off grid home.

A few months ago, it was a long awaited celebration as finally, the washer and dryer was hooked up. Then the dust came off the box the Laundry Pure was in, and we installed the unit just above our washer. We decided to utilize the water that would be spun out of the washer, normally into our septic, for watering our raspberries through spring, summer and fall. This allowed us to conserve water and energy. Our raspberries are loving the water. More research has shown us that the water from the laundry pure does amazing things for plant growth and health. I can hardly wait to do more experiments.

Our laundry is clean and smells fresh. We have not had a problem with stains. Over the summer, we will have more of an opportunity to see how well the Laundry Pure Unit stacks up against oil and grime. This will also give us the opportunity to try out Re-Move which is a colloidal silver cleaning liquid designed to work with the Laundry Pure system. For more great products for a healthy you and healthy environment please go to: 

UPDATE:  Testing is now complete!!! Re-move did not work as well as I was led to believe. I used Melaleaca’s Melabrite plus OXY and had better results with heavy soil and grease. The unit works the best in a top loader as there is more water to swirl around. That being said, I love the Laundry Pure. I love how clean our clothes are, how they smell and mostly I love that the waste water is put to good use. this year was the best fruit production for my raspberries ever.