iHeart Internal Age Monitor

iHeart Internal Age Monitor


Developed by Innotech?s Dr. Jess Goodman, the iHeart Internal Age Monitor is a tool to help people measure internal age and aortic stiffness and therefore realize the power they have to change their health and wellness.

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Product Description


Easy 30 second non-invasive test

Using the iHeart system won’t interfere with your busy day. Your Internal Age is immediately calculated and data is sent to your device.

Use with the free iHeart Internal Age application

Connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to your phone or tablet.

Results are stored in your own profile via the cloud

Your results are stored on our cloud system on your own personal iheart website, so you can follow your progress as you go.

The iHeart System is NOT a medical device. It is to be used for personal health & wellness education only. It is not intended to be used for any medical diagnosis or management of medical conditions.