Partner Up! is designed for humans who wish to be the very best they can be, whether it be for themselves, or for their horse, and to facilitate the achievement of better relationships/connections through awareness.

 Partner Up! Offers a 3 tiered progressive program of a “Human Only” workshop held around a kitchen table with 6-8 friends. Each tier provides the opportunity to learn about yourself, your horse and discover what each of you bring to the partnership. Developing your awareness is the key to building a strong foundation that will lead you to where ever you want to go and allow you to achieve a successful relationship with your equine partner, built on honesty, acceptance, trust and willingness.


Honesty refers to “owning” what you bring to the partnership in that moment.

Acceptance is the suspension of judgement in that moment.

Trust in that moment and in the moments to come that you will achieve

Willingness to continue to practice honesty, acceptance and trust until you are the very best you can be.


Honesty is the place from which horses interact.

Acceptance occurs when the interaction with humans is honest.

Trust is the moment in which honesty and acceptance align.

Willingness is the desire from the horse to “give” to the partnership and it happens when honesty, acceptance and trust are assured.

“Horses have taught me that the strongest Foundation of any Partnership begins within ourselves”  
Horses deserve the very best we can be.
Let’s Partner Up!


Partner UP! Workshop Details


Develop a Strong Foundation for Equine Partnership

Tier  1       6 hours class time        Cost:  $100.00   

Developing a strong foundation for equine partnership is the corner stone for Partner Up! 

Participants will be provided with a 25 page workbook. While being guided through the information/ questions and scenarios found in the workbook, discussions in depth will be encouraged which will help you to gain the awareness and understanding of you and your equine partner.  Most importantly you will learn how to utilize this awareness to create a partnership with your horse that is based on honesty, acceptance, trust and willingness and thus creating a solid foundation for equine partnership.

Topics covered will include:

Predator / Prey relationship –Myth or Reality

Learn what the human body language is saying to the horse. The importance of the communication between human and horse and why it is necessary for “horsemanship.”

Human Vs Horse –Similar or Different

Understanding how you and your equine partner are similar or different and why it matters. 

Horse Language

Discover the subtle and not so subtle methods our horse’s use to communicate.


Humans tend to live in their heads while horses exist in the moment.   Discover how to bridge this gap by bringing honesty, acceptance, trust and willingness into ourselves to create existence in the moment. The work done on yourself reflects itself in your horse. When you are the best you can be, your horse is often the best it can be as well.



Fear – Friend or Foe

Tier  2       6 hours class time        Cost:  $100.00   


FearEveryone and everything experiences fear at one time or another. Fear in the “normal” context of life is your friend. Fear outside of this context becomes your foe. “Foe” fear holds humans and horses hostage from enjoying the experiences life has to offer.

Tier 2 of Partner Up! will include a 22 page workbook and continue to build on the material presented in, Develop a Strong Foundation for Equine Partnership, while focusing on “friend” fear and “foe” fear.

Understanding the difference between the two, as well as a comprehensive look at the involuntary physiological response that occurs in humans and horses bodies.

Even if you have no fear, this tier of Partner Up! will provide you with awareness and insight so that you may help a friend  deal with fear and help a horse with fear.

You will identify your fear, your horses’ fear and develop an awareness of how you impact each other.  This knowledge will include identifying fear posture and discovering how it affects you anatomically and how that affects our horse.

We will discuss/find strategies that may work for you as you find your way through fear or that you can use to help a fellow human or horse.

Non drug options for helping to diminish the “foe” fear (PTSD, Anxiety, etc.) responses on our body will be discussed.


The Anatomic Connection

Tier  3       6 hours class time        Cost:  $100.00      

The anatomic connection brings together the awareness/understanding developed in Tier 1 and 2 while moving deeper into the awareness of the human anatomical body and its effects on our performance as well as our horse’s performance.

Partner UP! Tier 3 is highly interactive focusing on activities that identify the human participant’s anatomical conditions. For example, is the pelvis level, rotated vertical or horizontal? Discover how this will affect your body position on your horse, your ability to cue or maintain a relaxed balanced position, while also identifying the other imbalances you the human is likely to experience when a pelvis is out of alignment.

Stretch techniques, mindfulness, and different healing modalities will be covered to help correct the imbalances.

Discussion around how the human‘s anatomical body can/does affect the horse’s performance and willingness and what the human can do to minimize the effect.

Awareness will be brought to the horse’s anatomical body. Through understanding how your horse’s anatomy affects their ability to perform, the human will gain insight into how to set your horse up anatomically to provide it with the best opportunity to navigate whether it be lunging in a circle, tackling an obstacle or crossing a log on a steep decline. When a horse is ridden with an awareness of anatomic capabilities, unwillingness disappears.



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