Performing a Biosa Extension in 7 Easy Steps

Image showing a 500 ml bottle of Terra Biosa. Terra Biosa was extended to create 30 liters of product to use for the animal husbandry in the presentationment, gardens, crops, soil, manure and water

Performing a Biosa Extension for either Vita Biosa or Terra Biosa is simple and cost effective.

Biosa Extension a picture showing my 5 gallon insulatd beverage container all set up ready for extension

Performing a Biosa extension whether it be for Vita Biosa or Terra Biosa allows you to extend the original liter purchased into 20 or 30 liters of product that is ready for you to use. One liter of Vita Biosa extended provides you with 20 liters of product to use. Terra Biosa provides you with 30 liters.

Extension allows you to use these powerful microorganisms to aid in composting, gardening, crops, animal husbandry, pets, livestock, water quality, drains, septics etc. at a very affordable cost.

  • How to extend Vita Biosa or Terra Biosa. You will need a container of 5 gallon size or larger. I use an insulated beverage container. A 30-60 watt aquarium heater, a floating thermometer, a remote temperature probe, a stool for the container to sit on and a bucket and pitcher