Another great weekend at Foothills in 100 Mile House.  These clinics were great for me first thing in the spring as it set me up for more confidence through out the riding year. Gemini is very solid in these clinics, and for him it brought something totally different to our riding year. Typically we ride in the bush, which at times is a really big deal for Gemini as he has an extremely high preservation instinct. He notices everything when we are out on the trail. He still goes where ever I point him as it is not obstacles that cause him problems, but predators or at least what he views as predators. To date I have never seen , smelled or heard what it is that sets him off at times. One thing is for certain his fear is real to him. He tries very hard to always be a good boy and that means he ends up carrying too much tension in his body. We are a works in progress him and I—a team.

Debbie Hughes Confidence and De-Spooking Clinic 100 Mile House, April 28 & 29, 2012
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