My second Confidence and De-Spooking Clinic!!! A second opportunity to work on my fear in a very safe and supported environment. For me, the fear of falling off and getting another brain injury was crippling. Many days I would find any excuse to not ride. Other days I would spend countless hours thinking about what might happen on the ride. Sometimes it would take me over an hour once I had Gem saddled to work up the courage to climb on. Sometimes the entire ride would be a grit and bear it…no enjoyment. Riding had always been a magical moment for me. No matter how shitty my day, 10 minutes on the back of a horse and all was at peace and right in my world. I grew up riding bareback and that was my first choice… and actually how I rode for most of my life. Post Head injury different story… now the need for a saddle to keep my balance in check and to help manage my fear.

Attending these clinics helped me get the confidence to work through some of my fear issues. Of course Gem benefited immensely as well.

To give you an idea of how well these clinics work for both horse and rider I will share what could have been a riders worst nightmare if not for the clinic. About a month after attending the clinic we were out riding and our 2 dogs bounced 2 young fawns. We were screaming at the dogs, the fawns were screaming like banshees, and the dogs and fawns ran through my horses front legs and under the belly of the horse next to me and then they came back through Gems hind legs and out through the front with the dogs in pursuit kye-i-ing. Our horses did not move or spook, which allowed us to be able to get off after all the action and catch the dogs and say some choice things to them while snapping their leashes back on.

I am looking forward to the day I get my mojo back.


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Debbie Hughes Confidence and De-Spooking Clinic May 11 & 12, 2013