Mona Illerbrun Bio

Born in 1959. Raised in rough and tumble Fort Saint James. First and forever love: Horses,  Favorite Hobby: Cooking

Graduated with honours in 1977 at Fort St. James Junior Secondary School.

Worked at Apollo Mill in various job capacities for 7 years. Held Industrial First Aid ticket as well as certification as lumber grader.

Participated in the re-enactment of the Gold Rush Trail sponsored by Tourism BC in 1986.

Moved to Kamloops, BC in 1987 and started Hugs and Kisses Pet sitters. To fill the monetary need for new business start up: sold Combined Insurance, and worked for Windsor plywood as the head of the paint dept., and was responsible for providing all business quotes.

Moved to Vancouver Island ( Duncan and surrounding areas) in 1989.  Enrolled and completed the teaching program at Malaspina College. Obtained BA ED.  In 1989 the creation of MI Contracting began in order to fulfill the need for funding for college. Over the next 11 years MI Contracting flourished as the contracts held for Ministry Of Forests ( Duncan, Sooke, Chilliwack, Merritt) and BC Parks grew. Mi Contracting was providing the following services: 


  • Project Management
  • Project Supervision
  • Recreation Site Maintenance/Enhancement
  • Recreation Site Security
  • Developed Campground Attendant Program
  • Recreation Site Rehabilitation
  • Recreation Site / Trail Assessment
  • Recreation Site Trail and Campground Layout and Design/Installation
  • FRBC Project Reporting
  • Interpretation


  • Tree Planting (Plug and Bare Root)
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Grass Seeding for cut blocks and road deactivation
  • Moth Trap Installation / Collection


  • Bridge Deck Repair
  • Bridge Marker Installation
  • Stop Sign Installation
  • Forest Service Road Sign Installation
  • Culvert Installation

1990 was the year of  introduction to bacteria and how amazing they were at promoting health of water, soil, plants, animals. Working collaboratively with Bacta-Pur Inc. developed treatment dosages for pit toilets, slurries, gardens, septics, lagoons, etc.

In 1994  MI Contracting began to develop course modules and instruct for BCIT, Malaspina University College, IWA and The West Coast Forest Society. Course modules developed and instructed: 

Outdoor Service Worker (20 weeks) 

Campground Attendant  (70 hours)

Trail and Campsite Assessment/Layout and Design (5 days)

Trail Facilities and Construction (2 days)

Supervision/Communication Skills for lead hands (3 days)

Written Communication and Team Work (2 days)

Small Hand tools (2 days)

Bear and Cougar Safety (1 day)

Dealing with Difficult People (3 days) *The Conservation program/RCMP sent participants/constable, students and later this section was developed as part of the Conservation program training.

1996 included the welcomed addition of a continued teaching position for grades 5/6 at Crofton Elementary School.

July 1998: My life path was altered by a serious MVA. Diagnosis of a Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury. The first 2 years I was unable to speak coherently, walk safely, unable to manage my body functions and I was unable to prepare any type of food to feed myself. This journey was one of the most difficult roads to travel because in all my problem solving I found strategies to compensate for some things and for others I found nothing to work. It is kind of like a blank is a blank and for someone who never knew blanks it was like eating crow. During this time, as I struggled to regain I focused on health, as a way to achieve my end goal of healing. 

2002 moved to 100 Mile House BC. Struggling immensely with my identity and other deficits ( eg no driver license)  I started a u pick saskatoon orchard and building  a house. I made some bad choices for this new person I had become as I was still stuck in wanting the old person back.

2003-2011  Time was spent raising meatbirds, tending/harvesting the u-pick orchard, providing gardening seminars, teaching interested groups about bacteria and the benefits. Finally managed to get my drivers license back without restrictions!!! A new 2 year old un-broke horse arrived and before I knew it I was back riding and training.

2012- 2014  Bought 12 acres in the middle of nowhere (Blackwater Valley)  Nearest power pole 50 km away.  Lots of building, learning. Totally off grid. Lots of riding!!

December 2014  Unbelievably another MVA, and another brain injury plus physical damage. The next day my horse severed his medial digital artery. It took 3 hours to get him to the vet. He survived. I survived. Back to struggling and moving forward. No longer able to walk or use my arms.

December 2016  Had my first Hyperbaric oxygen treatment. ( 10 sessions) I had amazing improvements. I had a total of 40 treatments. The results were so profound I purchased a home chamber.  My cognitive function is better now than it has been for the last 19 years. I still have problems/deficits with my brain but I do not suffer from fatigue, speech problems, processing speed problems, multi tasking etc.

January 2014 to present: Growing and developing the sales of Vita Biosa/ Equina Biosa/Terra Biosa. I was so excited to find a probiotic for humans that was fermented the way the Bacta-Pur company made their products. For 8 long years I waited for it to become legal in Canada, and once it did I approached the owner for the rights to distribute it in BC. During this time, Innotech Nutrition also picked me up as a rep. for their products because of my knowledge and experience with bacteria.  

Riding and doing liberty work with my horses. Back walking 8 Km a day with my dogs, and using my arms. Continuing to progress.

Continued HBOT has given me my sparkle back.