BIP Brain Injured Person

I have had a few inquiries regarding what does the cartoon really mean. So I have tried to answer here. 

In regards to the first accident I have also been asked how did it happen. Briefly, I was travelling down the highway on Vancouver Island and at that time 2 lanes of traffic funneled down to one going through the area heading into Ladysmith from Nanaimo. I had just managed to get by 2 fully loaded freight trucks so i wouldn’t’ be held up. I was feeling so great because one of the courses I was taking to complete my bachelors degree required me to tutor a student and given the fact of my work schedule I was worried how I was going to manage that. I was thanking my lucky stars that the student I was given lived in Lake Cowichan. Not only did I live there but it meant no work problems either. I no sooner got in front and back into the single lane when as I rounded a corner all the traffic was stopped. Directly in front of me was a pacer car and I could clearly see the kids in the back. I knew then if I hit the car I would kill those kids so I applied my brakes, pulled my e brake on and prepared myself for the impact of the truck behind me. He hit me and was pushing me towards the car so I had to pull the e brake and take my foot off the brake so I could turn my truck into the ditch I then applied the brakes and e brake again and the truck hit me again and continued to push me forward but this time towards the ditch and not the car. The second freight truck swerved to miss the first freight  truck and in doing so he went into the oncoming lane and  a lady was killed.

Three weird events also occurred that day. My truck wouldn’t start and something kept telling me to raise my headrest. Finally when it was raised ridiculously high the truck started. If my headrest had not been that high my head would have went out the back window and my neck severed off with the forward motion. I lost my shoes off my feet, and the next morning my green/hazel eyes were gone, my birth colour gone. I now had very blue eyes. To date I have found no medical doctor who has been able to explain why my eyes changed colours. They all have been very good at telling me it is not possible.

Life can change in the blink of an eye.


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