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The Telephone

If I need to make an appointment, I plan ahead about all the scenarios that can happen once I have dialled the number. E.g. If they say, I will say. Making appointments has been an interesting experience. In the beginning with no understanding or strategies in place it went like this: Find the number ( this would be a feat in itself, because now I have to look from the number to the dial pad on the telephone and remember the number….so not happening…let me tell you the frustration involved in this process. form saying dial one and then pushing one on the phone and then looking back to the number and trying to find my place only to have to phone quit because I took too long. To this day I am amazed the telephone was not ripped from the wall and smashed into a million bits), dial, listen,

“Hello, can you hold please,”…….. “How can I help you?”

Why did I call you?

“I’m not sure, who are you?”



Yes, who are you? Did you call me?

“No you called me.”

I don’t even know who you are, so why would I call you?

At this point they usually hang up, and I would be standing there wondering why I had the telephone in my hand.


From there it progressed to: Find the number, dial, listen,

“Hello, can you hold please,”

I keep repeating out loud to myself, “ I am calling the dentist, I am calling the dentist.

“How can I help you?”

I am calling the dentist.

“How can I help you?”

I want to make an appointment.

“Who is your dentist?”

Long pause.

“Do you have a dentist?”

Yes.  With irritation,

“With whom would you like an appointment?”

My dentist, I can’t remember the name.

“What is your name?”



Yes, who are you? Did you call me?

“No I didn’t call you, you called me.”

I don’t even know who you are so why would I call you……. Repeat.

Next progression. Find the number, write it down with who and where and why I was calling. Dial, listen. “Can you hold please?” Keep staring at what I’ve written and repeating, “I am calling the dentist. MY dentist is…… I would like an appointment.

“Can I help you.”

Yes, I would like to make an appointment. My dentist is……

Does Wednesday or Friday work better for you?

Long pause.

“Does Wednesday or Friday work better for you?”

You pick.

“Okay Wednesday at 2 pm.”

Okay I have an appointment at 2pm on wed.

I’d no sooner get off the phone and go to write the appointment date on the calendar to discover, I couldn’t go on Wednesday as there is something else written on the calendar for that day.. By now I do not want to be BIP, I am embarrassed, humiliated. May be I will just call a different dentist. I called and wouldn’t you know it they said, ”Hi this is so and so from the dentist office, how can I help you?” Back to square one I hadn’t planned for this response.

I eventually, developed strategies that work for me and enabled me to make appointments. I still have to do all the planning beforehand, but for the most part the strategies have become effective.


To recap:

Write down who you are calling and why.

Figure out ahead of time when you want the appointment (day, time etc), if that date is not available pick another date and one more for just in case.

Write the phone number in very large print and place it above the phone. It is easier to move your head up an down than side to side and keep track of your place. I made up a bunch of these cards so I did not need to re do this for every phone call.

Now this is the most important step. Write down what you think they may say and your response. EG. Hello how may I help you……I would like to make an appointment to see….. on … at …..time. or  write down what you will do if they say can you hold please. If you apply these strategies I know you will be able to make appointments and be successful. Even thought this seems like a very simple thing I know from experience it is not. Even 15 years later I must still adhere to these strategies. If I get lazy I am back to having to call a dozen times and be embarrassed and humiliated.

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